Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Perfect Guy Makes A Whopping U$9.95million on Opening Day!

"The Perfect Guy" opened last weekend as the must see movie Friday night for lovers and made a whopping U$9.95 million on opening day. This romantic thriller is rated Rating MPAA PG 13 for violence, menace, sexuality and brief strong language.
Sexy Sanaa Lathan and Hollywood hunks Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut have some of the steamiest Intimate scenes that will make lovers end up in bed after seeing the movie.

If you are still a virgin and not yet ready for sex, please don't see "The Perfect Guy", because if you do, you will be turned on 360 degrees until you have sex.
It is best for lovers only.
It is already pulling crowds at the local cinemas in Nigeria and Ghana since it the premiere at the Silverbird Cinemas on Friday September 11.

Fueled by rage and jealousy, a man (Michael Ealy) seeks revenge against the woman (Sanaa Lathan) who ended their budding relationship.

Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) appears to have the ideal life. She enjoys a challenging, fast-paced career as a lobbyist; Dave (Morris Chestnut), her long-term boyfriend loves her. And yet, at 36, she's ready to move to the next phase. Marriage and a family seem a logical and welcome step. Dave is not so sure. A bit commitment phobic, his misgivings lead to a painful break up.

Enter Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy), a handsome, charming stranger whose path keeps crossing with Leah's. Caring and solicitous of Leah and her family and friends, their relationship rapidly progresses. It seems Leah has met the perfect guy. But if it seems too good to be true... Soon Carter's protective nature morphs into something more sinister. It's clear Leah has to end this new relationship and when she does, her onetime lover becomes her ultimate enemy. It will take every bit of her cunning and resolve to escape and outwit him.

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