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Akpos Lost in Miami

Akpos Lost in Miami
A fan fiction and treatment for a Nollywood romantic comedy.

Part 1

Akpos, a Nigerian stowaway landed in Miami beach in Florida of the United States of America without knowing anyone or anywhere else to go. So, he begged for money from passers by to call his family in Nigeria who had declared that he was missing. He told them he was not missing, but had stowed away to America and found himself in Miami. He called one of his buddies in Nigeria to ask if he knew anyone in America to call for help. The Buddy gave him the name of someone he claimed to know in New York city. But when he called him, the man who spoke in a Yankee' s accent yelled at him not to call him again.

Akpos found his way to a carwash center and luckily got a job to clean up cars. He used the bathroom and toilet to clean up after the working hours of every day.

Countdown To the 9th annual iREPRESENT International Documentary Film Festival

The final countdown to the ninth edition of the annual iREPRESENT International Documentary Film Festival holding Thursday March 21 to Sunday March 24 2019, at its traditional home, Freedom Park, by Broad Street, Lagos, and the Nigerian Film Corporation, Ikoyi, Lagos, began this weekend.

General Idea:
The 2019 Festival is conceived on the traditional framework of Africa in Self-conversation.

Theme: STORYLINES – it arises from current realities about imagery and perspectives. Technology is constantly redefining the impact of human experiences and challenging us to tell our story as a means of engaging the world with our identity, individuality and personal experiences.
Every human being is a story and we are constantly in pursuit of tools to advance and promote alternative facts about ourselves; and how we wish to be seen. The contention between what is real and what is preferred is shaping the currency of human exchange.
The ability to construct and reconstruct stories by anyone with …

Major TV Network To Adapt Best-Selling Nigerian Children's Book into Cartoon Series

Major TV Network is Slated To Turn Best-Selling Nigerian Children's Book Author's Book Series into an Educational Cartoon Series for Young Children
Dr. Peter Isikwe, author of Jack's Awesome Adventure gears up for his latest book tour

HOUSTON, March 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Meet Dr. Peter Isikwe, author of the children's book series Jack's Awesome Adventure ( Peter introduces a unique style of education and imagination into his writing while splashing diversity and hip-hop into it as well.

Peter has recently finished his latest children's book in his educational book series, and now is turning it into a cartoon series for young children to view everywhere. Dr. Isikwe's book series is full of imagination and creativity for early readers. He's had a chance to tour across the US, Nigeria and even London for his last book while working with educators, teachers, and librarians amongst the few. Peter turned in my mortar &…



Obsession: The Love Affairs of Bolade, Nnana and Segun

Olu Balogun's novella, Obsession will be a romantic thriller as a telenovela.

A short romantic Novel exploring deep feelings of attraction between the sexes. It features three stories, which finally fuse into one. Each story is about a different guy, his approach towards a girl he is attracted to, and experiencing how it unravels:

● Bolade has an uncontrollable desire for Nneka; his friend's girlfriend, even though he knows it's wrong to betray the trust. He discovers how amazing she is, only after he messes up his lucky chance with her.

● Nnana fell in love with Tope on the first day he met her and he was convinced she felt the same way but she continues to resist him. After enduring time away from her, he tries again to rekindle their love.

● Segun has had a crush on Titi; his close friend for years but he has never found a way to express his feelings. He decides to gamble on love and reveals how obsessed he is with her.

These three stories fuse into one and …

The Forbidden Love of Aisha and Father John

Have you read Aisha and John - by Olu Balogun?

There is only a very thin line between romance and religion...

Aisha is a favored daughter of the Emir of Kano and Father John is a young Catholic Priest in the Lagos Archdiocese, but they share a history; one that is beckoning to be revisited.
Aisha never knew what love was until she met John, back when she was a teenager, however, things have changed now. John fell deeply in love with Aisha, back when he was still in University, however, things have changed now. Life drove them apart but what can one coincidental meeting cause?

From the Author of OBSESSION, comes this awesome, modern story, about two lovers who have become separated by a valley of religion and time.
Can they bridge this gap? Should they?

Features & details
Publication date: March 4, 2019
Language: English

Jann Arden and Aisha Alfa To Host the CTV Galas at the Canadian Screen Awards

Jann Arden and Aisha Alfa To Host the CTV Galas at the Canadian Screen Awards

Mar 07, 2019, 14:44 WAT
- Both galas to be streamed for free on on March 26 and 27 -
TORONTO, March 7, 2019 /CNW/ - The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (the Canadian Academy) announced today the hosts of the CTV Galas at the Canadian Screen Awards, and confirmed both will be streamed live on and associated platforms. Jann Arden (CTV's JANN) will host the Canadian Screen Awards: CTV Gala Honouring Excellence in Creative Fiction Storytelling on Wednesday, March 27, while Aisha Alfa (CTV's THE BEAVERTON) will host the Canadian Screen Awards: the CTV Gala Honouring Excellence in Non-Fiction Programming on Tuesday, March 26. Both events will be held at Heritage Court at Exhibition Place as part of Canadian Screen Week (March 25-31).

Happy International Women's Day 2019!

Happy International Women's Day 2019!

#IWD2019 #BalanceforBetter

The International Women's Day 2019 campaign theme of #BalanceforBetter is a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world. How will you help make a difference?

9th iREPRESENT International Documentary Film Festival To Host Top Filmmakers and Scholars in Lagos


The 2019 iREPRESENT International Documentary Film Festival is the ninth edition of the popular annual festival, which is the biggest on the West African coast and it is scheduled to hold from Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th March 2019, at Freedom Park, Broad Street, Lagos, and the Nigerian Film Corporation, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.