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ZENITH T-SHIRT is for all ages in Royal blue colour with symbolic sphere showing the Zenith which means the following: 1. the time at which something is most powerful or successful. highest point crowning point acme peak pinnacle apex apogee summit optimum 2. ASTRONOMY the point in the sky or celestial sphere directly above an observer. An original design by Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima in limited edition and made on demand in premium fabric. #zenith #tshirt #fashion #success #leadership Buy on Selar

She Loved It

  She Loved It She loved it when I was tickling her belly button even in the presence of her fellow beautiful models in Frank Osodi's residence in Surulere. Very romantic moments. Before Frank designed the dress that Darego Agbani wore to win the Miss World Beauty Pageant in 2001.  May be #Netflix  will like to produce "Linda and I".😀 A romantic drama. To me loving a woman is awesome inspiration for an artist and writer. That was why at the first sight of Eve, Adam, exclaimed: WOW MAN! He was wowed by her beauty and fell in love at first sight. One of the cardinal reasons I love Almighty God is the creation of Woman. I recalled some of these unforgettable romantic moments in my memoir, "Diary of the Memory Keeper" published and distributed by #Amazon. #God #Adam #Eve #Woman #Linda #love #romance #drama #art #artist #MissWorld #beauty #models #beautypageant #Michael #Chima #Surulere #Lagos #Nigeria

Nigeria and South Africa Top the Official Selection of the 2023 Annual Africa International Film Festival in Nigeria

AFRIFF 2023 Official Selection Narrative Features ​IN COMPETITION   Cameroon  Kuvah - Legend of The Sea | Directed by  Max Ngassa |  Duration 01:50:00  |  Year 2023 Canada The Founder Effect | Directed by  Justin MacGregor  |  Duration 01:51:00  |  Year 2023 Orah | Directed by  Lonzo Nzekwe | Duration 01:36:00  |  Year 2023 Germany 4 Days to Eternity  | Directed by  Konstantin Korenchuk and Simon Pilarski |  Duration 01:47:38  |  Year 2021 Ghana Dynamite  | Directed by  Uche Aguh  |  Duration 01:00:00  |  Year 2023 Morocco   Triple A | Directed by Jihane El Bahar  |  Duration 01:56:00  |  Year 2023 Namibia   Under the Hanging Tree | Directed by Perivi Katjavivi  |  Duration 01:33:00  |  Year 2022 Nigeria Afamefuna | Directed by Kayode Kasum |  Duration 02:05:24  |  Year 2023 Finding Odera | Directed by Charles Uwagbai  |  Duration 01:59:46  |  Year 2022 Tarella: Princess of the Nile | Directed by Lolo Eremie and Kayode Kasum |  Duration 01:47:10  |  Year 2023 Kanaani | Directed by Tola

New NFTs - Angelica

Angelica 1 - #NFT by @nigeriadaily on @nftmyimage . #Angel #Angelica #beauty #women #love #romance #relationship #lover #sex #NFTs #NFTart

Fendi S/S 24 Show

Image All people in this show: Kim Jones - Designer ass="separator" style="clear: both;">Ellie Grace Cumming - Fashion Editor/Stylist Melanie Ward - Fashion Editor/Stylist Guido Palau - Hair Stylist Peter Philips - Makeup Artist Shelley Durkan - Casting Director Achol Ayor - Model Africa Garcia - Model Agel Akol - Model Alaato Jazyper - Model América González - Model Angelina Kendall - Model Anipha Umufite - Model Annemary Aderibigbe - Model Anok Yai - Model (Opened) Anyier Anei - Model Apolline Rocco Fohrer - Model Awar Odhiang - Model Dana Smith - Model Diane Chiu - Model Elodie Guipaud - Model Feya Voishcheva - Model Freya Nutter - Model He Cong - Model Hejia Li - Model Ilya Vermeulen - Model Imaan Hammam - Model Jeanne Cadieu - Model Jennifer Matias - Model Julia Nobis - Model Karolina Spakowski - Model Kerolyn Soares - Model Lainey Hearn - Model Laura Reyes - Model Lineisy Montero - Model Loli Bahia - Model (Closed)