Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter. Our Messiah Is Risen and Reigns Forever!

He is not here; for He is risen, as He said.- Matthew 28: 6, Holy Bible (New King James Version).

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
~ John 8:32 (King James Version)

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Romance is the Pursuit of Happiness

No matter the different versions of romance and your sweet and sour taste of it, the ultimate purpose of romance is your happiness.
That is why you must insist on being happy in every relationship and the only guaranty for your happiness is your safety and security.
You can never be happy if your life is not safe or secure.

If you are in a relationship with a guy who makes you to feel insecure, PLEASE QUIT before it is too late.
I have seen girls and ladies in relationship and marriage whose hearts always jump and skip in fear when their boyfriends or husbands are coming.
Why should you be sacred of the person you claim you love?
And why should the person who claims to love you scare you?
Is the person a monster? grin

You should be happy and at peace with the person you love.
But if you are not happy or at peace with him or her, then there is no happiness and there is no love.
Don't keep on pretending and suffering and smiling.

You have the right to a happy life and not living in fear of tomorrow.

I am sharing this truth with you, because my heart always breaks whenever I see unhappy people.
I cannot bear to see someone who is miserable and sad.
That is why I cannot accept the unhappiness of others in any relationship.

Unfaithfulness brings sadness in every relationship and marriage and that is why it is always best and safest to QUIT as soon as you can if you no longer want to continue, so that nobody can accuse you of cheating and being unfaithful.
Those who cheat are the fools who fail to exit and quit a relationship.
Forget your silly emotions, because emotions without good reasons are useless.
That is why I always insist that; don't ever date or marry anyone who cannot add value to your life.
What is the worth of anyone or anything that does not add value to your life?
Anyone or anything that does not make your life better, healthier, lovelier, safer and wealthier is not worth your time.
Stop wasting your time with anyone who is more of a liability and problem to your life.
Separate the wheat from the chaff in your choices in romance to avoid people and things that will not make you happy.

Refuse and reject anyone or anything that will not make you happy.
And whenever you pray and wish for anything, always confess:
I refuse and I reject anyone or anything that will not make me happy in my life.

Then flee from anyone or anything that does evil things to others. Because, the key to happiness is to avoid, prevent and reject anyone or anything that is evil.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, aka "Orikinla Osinachi",
Publisher/Editor of Nigerians Report Online, Nigerian Times, Kisses
'n' Roses, Nollywood Mirror, Nollywood Digital and author of Children
of Heaven (1987), Sleepless Night (2002), Scarlet Tears of London
(2006), Bye, Bye Mugabe (2008), In the House of Dogs (2011), Diary of The Memory Keeper (2013), The Prophet Lied (2013) and co-author with Dr. Chika Onu of Naked Beauty (2006)

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Many Celebrities in Nollywood Are Still Living in Bondage

A scene from the all time Nollywood classic "Living in Bondage".
"Living in Bondage" parts 1 & 2 were shown on Sunday 10th November, 2013, at South London Gallery during the Royal African Society's annual film festival. Details: Both films directed by Chris Obi Rapu. With Francis Agu, Grace Ayozie, Chizoba Bosah. Nigeria 1992, 1993. Igbo with English subtitles. Colour.
Part one 162 minutes.
Part two 120 minutes.
Rated 18.

By their characteristics you shall know them. Because, they will always manifest with time.

There are many strange things in Nollywood; strange attitudes of many of them that actually show their insecurities and they can be really amusing.
In fact, they will make more entertaining and horrifying movies than the ones they have been making since the 1992 bestselling "Living in Bondage" to date.
And many of them like other people in Nigeria are "Living in Bondage", but they prefer to live in denial of the truth.
Even those who were mocking Jim Iyke when he went for deliverance at the popular Synagogue need more deliverance than him, but they prefer to live in denial of their own predicament.
By their characteristics you shall know them. grin

Of course any married actor, producer, director and marketer who likes extra-marital affairs and enjoys having sex with others in their joints needs deliverance.
How can any reasonable and sane married man sleep with strange girls and women you don't even know how many other strange men they have slept with in their runs and then you return to your matrimonial homes to sleep with your ignorant (but may not be innocent) wives and carry over the evil demons and spirits from these runs babes to their wives and innocent children.
Is this not witchcraft?
No wonder many of them have strange personalities and twisted mood swings with lucid intervals on the red carpet.
By their characteristics you shall know them. grin

Many of them are also as intellectually slow as majority of Nigerians in Nigeria, because they don't read.
They prefer idle gossip to reading.
In fact, the men in Nollywood gossip more than the women in Nollywood and many of them have spent more hours gossiping than acting and film making.
And some of their representatives prefer chasing and fighting for government handouts instead of making movies.
What a pity.
By their characteristics you shall know them. grin

Majority of them also love to make a public show of going to church and displaying the sizes of their copies of the Holy Bible. But they don't know God, because those who truly know God will not behave so ungodly. So, many of them are just going to church to impress their pastors and fellow church goers and of course not all church goers are Christians.
Many cultists are regular church goers too.
By their characteristics you shall know them. grin

God is not moved by our emotions, but by our actions. So, you cannot please God by your eye service or mere lip service of hypocrisy which is the common practice of majority of those who claim to be "Christians", but what they do and their lifestyles are not different from those of pagans .
Please, let us pray for them to know the truth, so that the truth will set them free from their bondage.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, aka "Orikinla Osinachi",
Publisher/Editor of Nigerians Report Online, Nigerian Times, Kisses
'n' Roses, Nollywood Mirror, Nollywood Digital and author of Children
of Heaven (1987), Sleepless Night (2002), Scarlet Tears of London
(2006), Bye, Bye Mugabe (2008), In the House of Dogs (2011), Diary of The Memory Keeper (2013), The Prophet Lied (2013) and co-author with Dr. Chika Onu of Naked Beauty (2006)

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Does Your Passion For A Babe Reduce After Sleeping With Her Several Times?

Guys love chasing pretty and sexy babes to date them more for sex than anything else and I have noticed that they later don't get excited about loving them after they have slept with them.
In fact, the guy that was calling the babe many times to ask her out is now sometimes hissing and saying that she is disturbing him and in many cases he will simply dump her and move on to his next target in his romantic pursuits.

To majority of girls and women, romance is the pursuit of happiness and to them regular sex does not mean happiness, but being peaceful and secure with their guy means more to them than sex. But to majority of guys, romance to them is the pursuit of regular sex and powered by their libido. That is why you see many guys who don't even care about the grades of their girlfriends or their career prospects as long as they are giving them regular sex.

I have seen a pathetic case where the babe could not even discuss her academic and professional assignments with the guy, because he never showed any interest. And he is a boyfriend?

When your passion in any relationship is nothing more than sex, then you will never have a fulfilled love life. And that is why you will end up flirting, cheating and even ending your relationship or becoming bored and miserable in marriage.

I don't understand why a guy cannot be happy and merry with his girlfriend or wife without sex?
I dated a very pretty and sexy big girl for over two years and we had great fun all over Lagos and we abstained from sex, because I wanted to avoid fornication and believe it or not she was faithful even though other guys harassed her for sex, because their fantasy was to sleep with her. She was really hotter than summer and sometimes she would go out only in an over-sized T-shirt without any underwear and made the guys drool with stiff Attention and we often laughed at them. My male cousins and friends begged me to take her out and I allowed them and sometimes she even took them along in her own car. But they gave up when she refused to sleep with them. To them, just enjoying her friendship would not be enough.

"I just want to sleep with her," is a common phrase among guys. And it can be really annoying to hear them saying it in reference to a girl or a woman, because it shows lack of dignity and respect.
Like Igbo guys who say they can sleep with Yoruba girls or women, but cannot marry them.
Is that not a silly attitude? It is really nonsense.

It is silly to say a girl or a woman is only good for you to sleep with her, but not good enough to be your wife?
Who are you fooling?
I have seen a case where a guy dumped a girl after using her as his sex object for years and later said she was not a wife material. But she later married a man who loved her and he was a better and richer guy than the silly ex-boyfriend and in fact, her husband could pay the poor guy's salary ten times.

A guy who uses his girlfriend as sex material and then say she is not a wife material is to me a FOOL.
To God, any girl or woman you choose to sleep with is as good as being your wife.
There is no girl or woman good enough to be your lover that cannot be your wife if you truly love her.
"She does not have character,' a silly guy would whine.
And you have been dating her?
This attitude is most common among Nigerian men, because majority of them are hypocrites.
The same guy will later go and marry another girlfriend who is even worse, because in most cases, the cannot even define character.
It is most common among Igbo guys and they can be really funny.
"She does not have character," is in most cases an excuse for their own shortcomings in proving that they can be Mr. Capable.
These are the kind of guys whose passion for a girlfriend reduces after having sex with her many times and will end up cheating on her or later cheating on their wives in marriage, because intellectually they have little or nothing to offer in relationship and marriage, except making women pregnant and becoming fathers. And that is why you can see that the greatest achievement of majority of these Nigerian men is becoming fathers of many children and increasing the population of their communities.

Your passion for a babe cannot reduce if you can add more value to her life beyond just pouring your sperm into her uterus.

~ By Orikinla Osinachi

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Biyi Bandele: "And then We All Got Typhoid" Making Half of a Yellow Sun

When the shoot finally began, the drama didn't stop. "Myself and several members of my crew and cast got typhoid. Some even had malaria. Thandie Newton got typhoid too, but she was incredible. She was really suffering but didn't take a single day off work. It was like she was possessed by God knows what. The experience of shooting was tough, but every single day I woke up and wanted to be on set, because you just didn't know what was going to happen."

Chiwetel Ejiofor as "Odenigbo" with Onyeka Onwenu as "Mama".

See Photo gallery of over 40 images from "Half af a Yellow Sun".

Read the full report on

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nollywood Helped in Boosting the Nigerian Economy To Overtake South Africa

Majid Michel on Nollywood’s success
Nollywood actor Majid Michel talks about the African film industry’s success.

Nollywood, Nigeria's booming film industry has been noted as one of the key contributors that helped in boosting Nigeria to overtake South Africa as Africa's largest economy.
"Nigeria has moved to be the largest economy by GDP size in Africa and has moved to be the 26th largest economy in the world," finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said.

"On a per capita basis, Nigeria is number 121 in the world. So, we have a total GDP size where we have moved up to 26th," the former World Bank managing director added.

The widely expected results are based on calculations taking into account a range of new sectors and industries that were negligible or non-existent in 1990.

They include the mobile telephones market - Africa's largest - music and the hugely popular local film industry, Nollywood.
~ The Telegraph of UK.

The Telegraph noted that Nollywood, now estimated to be N853.9 billion (£3.1bn) has boosted the GDP by contributing "1.2pc of GDP". And Nollywood is actually the biggest and largest African film industry with the Nigerian government investing over $200 million in grants and loans to expand the industry.

The Wall Street Journal and CNBC also credited Nollywood for boosting the Nigerian economy in the last 20 years.
After a half-decade effort aimed at better capturing economic activity, Nigeria has announced that gross domestic product in 2013 was $510 billion – some 89% larger than previously estimated. In its new guise, service industries now make up more than half the Nigerian economy, versus less than a third previously. The Nollywood film industry alone has emerged to contribute 1.2% of GDP, Renaissance Capital says.
Wall Street Journal: Nigeria’s Nollywood Boost.
 Nollywood helps Nigeria double its GDP
Monday, 7 Apr 2014 | 4:18 AM ET
 "If you're not in Nigeria, you're not in Africa. And you're kidding yourself." Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said at a press conference on Sunday.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Marriage To Bride Does Not Mean Her Heart Belongs To The Groom

Yes, my dear.
Marriage to the bride does not mean her heart belongs to the groom.

Never make the terrible mistake of getting married to a woman who does not love you and especially when you know her heart beats for another man even when she is by your side.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bookmark It: The Beauty Looks You'll Be Wearing This Fall

Bookmark It: The Beauty Looks You'll Be Wearing This Fall

Fall 2014 Fashion Month is almost over, which means we will be set for Autumn with tons of beauty inspiration! Wine-stained lips, messy topknots, electric blue and rosy pink makeup were trends we...

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iPic Theaters Announces May 2 Opening Of Visionary Movie Theater "Escape" In Westwood, Los Angeles

iPic Theaters Announces May 2 Opening Of Visionary Movie Theater "Escape" In Westwood, Los Angeles
424-Seat, Six-Screen Theater to Launch in Los Angeles, Epicenter of the Motion Picture Industry

BOCA RATON, Fla., April 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- iPic Theaters, one of the fastest-growing luxury movie-going experiences in the nation, announces that it will officially open in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California the epicenter of the motion picture industry on May 2, 2014. Known for creating a visionary movie-watching escape, iPic Theaters in Westwood will be comprised of six-screens, and 424-seats as well as the iconic modern architecture and "affordable luxury experience" that have become synonymous with the brand.

"From the moment of arrival, guests will be transported by iPic's iconic design, which gives the feeling of stepping into a stylish hotel or lounge," says President and CEO of iPic Entertainment Hamid Hashemi. "Los Angeles is the movie capital of the world, and we are thrilled to bring the iPic Experience to the home of the film industry."

iPic Theaters in Westwood will enable guests to enjoy a movie in ultimate comfort and style while offering many options to select from to tailor their experience. Guests will have the choice between Premium and Premium Plus seating and a diverse, locally-sourced gourmet menu designed by the renowned chef Sherry Yard, who serves as Corporate Vice President of Culinary Direction. Under Yard's direction, guests will enjoy a gourmet menu featuring items that are conducive to in-cinema dining with a high level of culinary craft, such as Salmon Tartar Cones, and Lobster Roll. On the sweeter side, iPic Westwood will feature curated concessions offerings showcasing Yard's take on classic favorites along with selections from local artisans, such as locally made caramels and toffee. From Yard's own Helms Bakery, guests can expect treats such as Chocolate Chip Toffee Coffee Cookies, Triple Gingerbread Cookies, Apple Caramel Ice Cream Cups with Almond Streusel, and Creme Fraiche Rhubarb Pops.

A full-service bar will offer an exclusive selection of hand-crafted cocktails presented by award-winning mixologist and master sommelier Adam Seger, featuring a locally-driven fresh produce and herbs-centric menu focusing on house made syrups, bitters, and infusions. Seger's creations include such refreshing and complex flavor profiles as The Norma Jean made with Marilyn Monroe vodka and from scratch strawberry lemonade, and Seger's take on a classic Old Fashioned made with Black Walnut-infused rye, fig syrup, and house made orange bitters.

Premium seating ticketholders will relax in large, plush leather seats and may purchase their food and beverage direct from Tanzy Express and carry it into the theater to enjoy at their seats. Premium Plus seating features reclining, oversized leather chairs, popcorn, pillows and blankets, as well as individual service-call buttons that summon ninja-like servers to deliver signature dishes or hand-crafted cocktails. iPic Westwood will also include the artisanal Italian dining concept, Tanzy.

iPic Theaters in Westwood will comprise six auditoriums with seating between 44 and 108 people and offering 4K Digital Projection with Dolby 7.1 Channel sound systems. All seats can be reserved ahead of time via iPic's proprietary reservation system on, or moviegoers can simply download the iPic App to their iPhones for a hassle-free, one-step transaction process. An exclusive membership program offers iPic guests discounted pricing, priority notification of tickets available for sale to blockbuster movies, access to exclusive movie screenings and the ability to earn points toward iPic Member Reward programs. For more information on becoming an iPic member, please visit

For more information on iPic Theaters, please visit Follow us on Facebook at and Twitter at

About iPic Entertainment®

Boca Raton, FL-based iPic-Gold Class Entertainment, LLC, is regarded as an industry leader, developer and operator of unique entertainment destinations, operating exclusive venues that include premium movie theaters, restaurants and stylized bowling centers. iPic Entertainment currently operates nine theaters with 67 screens in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin and new locations planned for California, New Jersey, Texas, South Florida, Philadelphia, New York.

Photo -

SOURCE iPic Entertainment

CONTACT: Danielle Patla,, or Vanessa Kanegai,, Wagstaff Worldwide, 323.871.1151

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fair and White Gold Celebrates African Beauty as New Brand Ambassadors Are Crowned

Crowning the new beauty queen.

The Miss Fair and White Gold beauty queen Dimoke Tiana posing with her brand new Nissan Rouge SUV.

Fair & White Gold Celebrates African Beauty

~ By Ingram Osigwe

The Chairman of Bozac Group, Sir Patrick Chibueze and his queens.

It was a night of colour, glamour and glitz with the crème de la crème of society in attendance. Indeed the ambience of the civic centre, in Victoria Island Lagos was electrifying and the audience thrilled on the night of Friday March 28, 2014, when Fair & White Gold Range of Cosmetics products were launched and the brand ambassadors unveiled among the high profile dignitaries who gathered at the Civic centre for the event include Director General of NAFDAC, Dr, Paul Orhii, IT Guru and Chairman of Zinox computers, Leo Stan Ekeh,Chairman , Embassy Pharmacy, Pharm Nnamdi Obi, Chairman Neros Pharmaceuticals, Chief Poly Emenike, Hon(Barr) Uzama Okpaleke, MD, Ginpat Aluminium,Chairman & MD of Green Life Pharm, Obiora Chukwuka & Ebere Obi,Publisher of Encomium magazine,Kunle Bakare, among others. Stake holders in the fashion and beauty industry were also there. The pack was led by foremost cosmetologist and Iya Oge Opral Benson, Foremost Fashion Designer, Hajia Abba Folawiyo, former NTA Big Girl, Barrister Grace Egbagbe, Nollywood actress,Uche Jombo, Toyin Alakiu, and Kemi Adewunmi . Labo DERMA Group France was represented by their CEO/PRESIDENT, Mr. Xavier Tancogne and Ms Marie Helene Girard of Yelen Paris. Captains of industry like, Chief Ben Amuta, Benneks Group of companies, Chief Ben Chinemelum, Chinbell Industries and Chief Bego Uluabuike graced the occasion

The firstrunner up, Uba Chikosolu Uzondu.

Chairman of Bozac Continental Limited, Sir Patrick Chibueze and Lady Chinyere Chibueze.

The Highly Elated CEO of BOZAC conglomerate, Patrick Chibueze, in his welcome address, paid glowing tribute to BOZAC partners and manufacturers of Fair & White, Labo Derma of France for its rigorous research which culminated in the production of the brand. BOZAC which is also Labo Derma’s representative in Nigeria and sole distributor of Fair and White Gold, Chibueze assured, will work hard to ensure that the product dominates the Nigerian Market. The BOZAC boss said that the Fair and White Range meets the aspiration of the Nigerian woman who desires a glowing skin. Representatives of Fair & White Gold at the event were full of praises for Bozac and pledged that the company will continue to strategically partner with BOZAC. The Trio of Egbagbe, Benson and Hajia Folawiyo were on hand to masterfully unveil the brand ambassadors.

Hajia Abba Folawiyo presenting a cheque to 2nd runner up, Miss Loveth Awode.

Chairman of Bozac Group, Sir Patrick Chibueze and Hajia Abba Folawiyo.

Brand Ambassadors posing with President/CEO of Labo. DERMA Paris, France, Mr. Xavier Tancogne.

Dimoke Tiana a third year philosophy undergraduate of UNIBEN emerged the overall Fair and White ambassador. Tiana, an Indigene of Aguata L.G.A in Anambra State was emotion struck while being unveiled as the brand ambassador. Tears freely cascaded down her cheeks while she was being handed the keys of her brand new Nissan 2013 Rogue. Tiana also went home with a diamond studded Russian Jewel crafted Swarovski wristwatch. The first runner up, Uba Chikosolu Uzondu an undergraduate of open university won a diamond studded Russian crafted wristwatch, 250,000 while second runner up, Loveth Sade Awode a model and student of OAK fashion school Lekki, got the same wristwatch, 150,000. Mrs. Benson congratulated the winners and urged them to be good ambassadors of Fair and white Gold.
The evening featured surreal musical performances by Akin Shuga and his band, Dauda and other A-List Stand up Comedians as well as the famous Ohafia war dance. Aficionados and connoisseurs of good wines and champagne had a Good Friday night treat and bar tenders kept the guests busy with constant supplies.

 Sam and the queen.

Miss Fair and White Gold Queen posing inside her SUV.
Chief Opral Benson and Hajia Abba Folawiyo.

Chief Opral Benson.

 Zizi Steve.

Happy beauties at the event.

Barrister Grace Egbagbe and Ndidi Obioha.

Chief Opral Benson and Dupe.

Nollywood diva Uche Jombo.

Beauty queen Dimoke Tiana, the 2014 Brand Ambassador and Mr. Ingram Osigwe.

The Brand Ambassadors.

 The beauty queens posing with little Miss Mensah.

Vivian Obi.

Victoria Opara.

Valerie Olakojo.

Tosin Igbenoba.

Tonia Madueke.

Tonia Akajiobi.

Beauty queen Dimoke inside her brand new car.

Tina Scott.

Susan Eyo-Honesty.

Duchess Jenamy.

Dupe Ajayi.

Elizabeth Onyebuchi Osule.

Dr. Paul Orhii, Director-General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). 

Popular Nollywood actor,singer and MC,Kingsley Ogbonna popularly called Dauda.


Chima Mbadugha and Tony Okafor.

Chika Anolue.

Chief Uche Obiakor, Hon (Barrister) Uzama Okpaleke and Chief Emeka Uzoetuo and Ede Azia.

Fair and white gold range comes in a line of exceptional skin care formulae with focus on different aspects of the beauty of the African woman. With the launching, supermarkets and stores across the country will have the products
It is true that Nigerian’s cosmetics market is saturated with a plethora of skin products, the entry of Fair and White Gold in the fray will no doubt cause a major upset as regard consumers’ loyalty. This is because excellence and efficacy are part of the hallmark and Unique Selling Position (USP) of the brand. Besides, Fair & White Gold ranges of products do not leave a hole in your pocket. It is cost effective and can be afforded by a broad spectrum of consumers across income strata.

Chief Okey Anolue (Afunwa) with his pretty wife Chika.

The presence of NAFDAC DG at the event bears huge testimony to the fact that Fair & White Range underwent rigorous test set by the relevant regulatory authority, NAFDAC, and received a clean bill of health

The BOZAC boss expressed optimism that with their efficacy and affordability, the products will tremendously enjoy consumer’s loyalty.

Ingram osigwe is the media consultant to Bozac Group.

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