Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Miller Lite, Still the Best Since 1975

Miller Lite Packaging, Advertising, Marketing All to Feature Classic Look That Established the Light Beer Category.

CHICAGO, Sept. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- As the saying goes, there's a first for everything; and thank goodness for that. Back in 1975, Miller Lite revolutionized the entire beer category, becoming the first successful low-calorie beer and creating what has become America's largest beer segment: light beer. Today, that category accounts for more than 35 percent of all U.S. beer sales.

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Miller Lite Packaging, Advertising, Marketing All to Feature Classic Look That Established the Light Beer Category

This fall, Miller Lite is returning to that similar original look on all packaging and across all marketing materials as part of its effort to remind beer drinkers that it is the only brand brewed to be a great tasting beer that just so happens to also be less filling.

"The decision to bring back our original look was an important one for this brand," said Miller Lite senior marketing director Ryan Reis. "It's authentic, proud and highlights what has always been true about Miller Lite since it was first brewed. It's a high-quality beer worthy of those moments with friends."

Early advertising from the brand told people Miller Lite was "everything you wanted in a beer, and less," and that promise remains alive and well today. Miller Lite has won seven medals at the annual Great American Beer Festival and biennial World Beer Cup competitions, including five gold medals.*

The words 'A Fine Pilsner Beer' are prominently displayed, as that is the simple end goal of each batch of Miller Lite, which uses a unique brewing process to attain its crisp pilsner flavor and aroma. Designed to give Miller Lite more real beer taste, hops are added at three distinct times throughout brewing.

To celebrate what sets Miller Lite apart from other light beers, the brand re-introduced the Original Lite Can in January for what was supposed to be a two-month promotional window. Consumer response to the brand's authenticity and great story was so positive that the brand kept the Original Lite Can in market and changed the bottle in August.

"What we learned through this process was that our history means something special to consumers," said Reis. "We're immensely proud of what Miller Lite stands for and the new direction reminds people of not only where we came from, but where we're going as a brand."

Helping to tell that story are changes on all packaging formats across the portfolio. From 12-packs to aluminum pints, consumers will now find the original light beer inside new white-and-navy secondary packaging featuring an emphasis on the brand's new logo, bolder cues of barley and hops, and language that defines the brand's special brewing process. It reinforces the purpose behind the beer, to have great taste, color and aroma in a pilsner beer, with only 96 calories.

Changes will go far beyond just packaging. The original look will make its way into bars across the country, not only courtesy of new delivery trucks donning the new look, but via American-made wooden tap handles, new "Lite On Tap" neons and other point-of-sale materials.

The timeless Miller Lite design also will be prevalent throughout popular Miller Lite sports alliances, including AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia and Soldier Field in Chicago.

Furthermore, Brad Keselowski, the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup champ, is bringing the new look to victory lane as he and his team push for another championship in the 2014 Chase.

For more information on Miller Lite, visit www.Facebook.com/MillerLite, follow @MillerLite on Twitter or visit www.MillerLite.com.

* Great American Beer Festival -- American-style Lager or Light Lager (Gold, 2010); American-style Light Lager (Silver, 2003); American-style Lager, Light Lager or Premium Lager (Silver, 2012)
World Beer Cup -- American-style Light Lager (Gold, 2006, 2002, 1998, 1996)

About Miller Brewing Company
Miller Brewing Company was founded in 1855 by Frederick J. Miller when he purchased the Plank Road Brewery in Milwaukee, a city he chose as the best place for a brewery given its access to great water. Miller Lite, the original great-tasting light pilsner beer, (MillerLite.com, Facebook.com/MillerLite, @MillerLite on Twitter) was introduced nationally in 1975 and is among the top-five selling beers in the United States. Miller Fortune (MillerFortune.com, Facebook.com/MillerFortune, @MillerFortune on Twitter) is brewed with caramel malt and cascade hops for a balanced taste and smooth finish. The brewery's oldest enduring beer is Miller High Life (MillerHighLife.com, Facebook.com/MillerHighLife, @MillerHighLife on Twitter). Known as the Champagne of Beers, it was introduced in 1903 and is still brewed with the same yeast strain that Miller carried in his pocket from Germany. Miller Genuine Draft (MGD.com, Facebook.com/MillerGenuineDraft, @Miller_Global on Twitter), introduced in 1986, is the original cold-filtered, packaged draft beer. Miller Brewing Company operates in the United States and Puerto Rico as part of MillerCoors, a joint venture of SABMiller plc and Molson Coors Brewing Company. Learn more at MillerCoors.com, at Facebook.com/MillerCoors or on Twitter through @MillerCoors.

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Mom Startup Launches War on Boredom

Mom Startup Launches War on Boredom
Rock'n Rumble Indoor Family Edutainment Center and Cafe Brings High-Quality Recreation Experience to The District

WASHINGTON, Sept. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- District of Columbia-based mom startup, The Jackson Smith Group, LLC announced today the launch of its new venture, Rock'n Rumble indoor family edutainment center and cafe. It is a uniquely-designed family entertainment center (FEC) built on the group's philosophy of the five essential pillars of community, including family, self-identity, environment and sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and civic responsibility. The concept combines physical, imaginative and interactive play with the core values of humanity. Rock'n Rumble is slated to open its doors in spring 2015 and will cater to children 12 and under.

Photo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140930/149294
Logo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140930/149295

"What's unique about Rock'n Rumble is our multifaceted design concept that combines the things that kids and parents love most," said The Jackson Smith Group co-owner, Ayanna Smith. "Our research shows that children want diversity in play and parents want to feel secure. A fun yet challenging play experience mixed with cafe and lounge options makes Rock'n Rumble the next big thing in family fun."

In addition to an array of play choices for children of varying ages, Rock'n Rumble will offer private parties, after school care, summer camp, Friday night drop-off, special programs and performances, and membership packages. It is a first of its kind venue for Washington, DC that will fill a void left by existing play centers and recreational facilities, which often have long waiting lists for parties.

The layout will allow parents to observe multiple play areas from various locations throughout. All visitors will have access to the facility's wireless internet connection and there will be a mini-cafe that will offer sandwiches, fruit, snacks and beverages. Rock'n Rumble will meet ADA standards and will be tailored to the needs of children. A carefully crafted design will ensure complete safety and convenience.

"We like to say that Rock'n Rumble is where innovation meets fun," said Melody Jackson, co-owner of The Jackson Smith Group, LLC. "After spending the last five years visiting theme parks, children's museums and recreational facilities in other cities, we decided to combine the best of the best and bring the excitement right here to the District. There's absolutely no other indoor play space that offers what we plan to bring to the city. Rock'n Rumble will definitely be the most fun your kids will have."

The Jackson Smith Group plans to launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign Oct. 7 to support Rock'n Rumble (link will not be live until Oct. 7). They anticipate raising $100,000 in 30 days to help cover startup costs.

For more information about Rock'n Rumble, visit http://www.rocknrumbledc.com or email. Facebook.com/rocknrumbledc.com Twitter: @rocknrumbledc

Media Contact:
Ayanna Smith

SOURCE Rock'n Rumble

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Monday, September 29, 2014

African Beauty, Christabel Momodu

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Okoro, The Prince: Another Epic on the Benin Kingdom is Here

Lancelot Imasuen's critically acclaimed epic "Invasion 1897" is still making headlines in Nigeria and abroad with local and international premieres of the historical film on the bloody punitive Benin Expedition of 1897 and another epic on the Benin Kingdom, "Okoro, the Prince" is ready for world premiere.

The film directed by Charles Uwagbai, one of the upcoming ambitious filmmakers in Nollywood has a cast of accomplished Nigerian actors, including the celebrated Sam Loco Efe of blessed memory, Alex Usifo Omiagbo and Ufuoma Stacey Ejenobo. The associate producer is Christabel Momodu, a former beauty pageant queen and popular multi-lingual model who has graced the covers of the Allure magazine of Vanguard newspapers and for the Etisalat Nigeria Double yor recharge advertising campaign.

If captivating trailers can be used to judge movies, then "Okoro, the Prince" is a must see movie.

This is a story of destinies skewed by mysterious happenstances.
This is a story of roaring, consuming ambitions.
This is a story of audacious bravery.

It is the fifteenth century: 1400 A.D. By an inexplicable twist of fate, the destiny of a kingdom is altered. Oba Ozolua, during whose reign Benin kingdom regained her glory and expanded her frontiers, is caught up in the vortex of intrigues that intertwines the destinies of his first three sons. The eldest becomes crippled as a result of a play ground accident. This causes his claim to the exalted throne to be passed over.
Enter Princes Arhuan and Osawe.
Both were born on the same day. Actually, Arhuan was given birth to first. But, the chiefs did not announce his birth until many hours after the proclamation of the birth of Osawe by Oba Ozolua, their father.This, according to customs, makes Arhuan the younger and Osawe, the heir apparent.
This slight creates enmity between the princes.
Prince Osawe is crowned Oba of Benin, with the title of Oba Esigie, an adamant Prince Arhuan wants his stolen destiny restored.
This set the stage for intrigues, sorcery and outright conflicts. Queen Idia marshals the Oba's warriors. Arhuan joins battle against the Benin kingdom. In the ensuing conflicts, Prince Arhuan shows courage in the face of adversity.
Queen Idia accomplishes her deepest burning desire. And, Oba Esigie goes on to become one of the greatest Obas of Benin Kingdom.

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Free Reading of Diary of the Memory Keeper, In the House of Dogs and other Bestsellers on Amazon

You can now read all the popular books and series by Orikinla Osinachi on Amazon free on Kindle apps.

Read these titles on Kindle Unlimited for free and also get unlimited access to over 700,000 titles.
1. Diary of the Memory Keeper
2. In the House of Dogs
3. Scarlet Tears of London
4. The Prophet Lied
5. NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® and others with Amazon's Free Reading Apps.
Follow these easy steps to start reading on your smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Download the Kindle Reading App

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

3 Things That Totally Ruled The Internet This Week

3 Things That Totally Ruled The Internet This Week

From freak shows to feminism, a lot of excitement flooded the Internet this week. Get caught up on the most important stories that were trending all over social media.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Read NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® Everywhere With Amazon's Free Reading Apps

Read NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® Everywhere With Amazon's Free Reading Apps
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014



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New Survey: When Is It Ok To Use Your Cell Phone?

New Survey: When Is It Ok To Use Your Cell Phone?
TheStreet Asks Consumers a Technological Age-Old Question

NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- As excitement surrounding the new Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus reaches fever pitch, TheStreet (NASDAQ: TST) released results from a new survey with GfK1 that answers the ever-present question of when it is acceptable to use a cell phone.

The survey asked over 1,000 adults when they thought it was acceptable to use a cell phone, looking at specific scenarios. Results showed that age groups varied significantly in their opinions, with 18-49 year-olds being more accepting of cell phone use than those over the age of 50 when walking down the street, while watching TV, during a work meeting to share information with the group, while eating with others in a restaurant to share information with the group and for personal use and at the movies during previews.

"Cell phones are everywhere, and people differ in their opinions of where and when it's most acceptable to use them, either calling, texting or spending time on the Internet. It's increasingly becoming a greater part of our lives," said Chris Ciaccia, Technology Editor for TheStreet. "From walking on the sidewalks to watching TV with loved ones to being in a work meeting, cell phones are taking time away from older forms of communication as people are on their phones more than ever."

The survey looked at a variety of scenarios including:

When in the street or checking out at a store:
65% of respondents said that it is acceptable to use your cell phone while walking down the street (2% texting/browsing, 17% talking, 46% both).
Men were more accepting than women of cell phone use while walking down the street with 70% of men approving versus only 60% of women.
Checkout counters were considered to be much less acceptable with only 34% of respondents saying that it is ok to be on your phone while checking out at a supermarket or retail store.
18-34 year-olds were the most accepting of cell phone use at a checkout counter with 45% approving versus only 19% of those over 65.

In a meeting at work:
When it comes to the workplace, 52% of respondents said that it is ok to use your cell phone during a meeting to share information with the group while only 19% said that it is ok to use your cell phone to check your own messages.
18-34 year olds were the most accepting of both, with an impressive 60% saying that it is ok to use your phone to share information with the group and 22% saying that it is ok to use your phone to check your own messages.
26% of men said that it is ok to check your own messages during a meeting while only 13% of women agreed.

While eating with others in a restaurant:
28% of respondents said that it is ok to use your cell phone to check your own messages, but 48% said that it is ok if you are using your phone to share information with your fellow diners.
18-34 year olds were the most accepting of cell phone use in restaurants, with 40% saying it is ok to check your own messages and 62% saying it is ok to share information with the group.

At the movies or watching TV:
  • 26% of those surveyed said that it is ok to use your cell phone during movie previews (12% texting/browsing, 2% talking, 12% both) while only 9% said that it is ok during the actual movie (6% texting/browsing, <1% talking, 3% both).
  • 35-49 year-olds were the most accepting of using cell phones during previews, with 41% of them saying that it is ok, while only 9% of respondents over 65 think that it is acceptable.
  • People are much more accepting of cell phone use while watching TV at home with 70% saying that it is acceptable (12% texting/browsing, 5% talking, 53% both).
  • 18-34 year-olds were the most accepting of cell phone use when watching TV, with 78% of them saying that it is ok as opposed to only 51% of those over 65.
The full story from TheStreet is available online.

Methodology: OMNITEL is a weekly national telephone omnibus service from GfK, a division of GfK Custom Research North America. The sample for this OMNITEL wave consists of 1,008 total completed interviews, of which approximately 750 consist of landline telephone exchanges and about 250 are made up of cell phone exchanges. Interviews were conducted from August 15-17, 2014. The margin of error on weighted data is +/- 3 percentage points for the full sample.

About TheStreet
TheStreet, Inc. (www.t.st) is the leading independent digital financial media company providing business and financial news, investing ideas and analysis to personal and institutional investors worldwide. The Company's portfolio of business and personal finance brands includes: TheStreet, RealMoney, RealMoney Pro, Stockpickr, Action Alerts PLUS, Options Profits, MainStreet and Rate-Watch. To learn more, visit www.thestreet.com. The Deal, the Company's institutional business, provides intraday coverage of mergers and acquisitions and all other changes in corporate control. To learn more, visit www.thedeal.com.

1 OMNITEL poll by GfK North America, August 2014

Emily Scheer

Photo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140922/147650-INFO
Logo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140603/93856

SOURCE TheStreet, Inc.

BlackBerry Z10 16Gb Black WiFi Touchscreen Unlocked GSM QuadBand Cell Phone

Blackberry Q10 Black 16GB Factory Unlocked, International Version - 4G / LTE 3, 7, 8, 20 (1800 / 2600 / 900 / 800 MHz)

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Every Gift Comes With A Message

Reporter Denis Slattery delivers books full of coping strategies Alec Baldwin can use if he gets the urge to punch a photographer. Photo Credit: Aaron Showalter for New York Daily News. Friday, June 22, 2012, 2:19 AM.

Every gift comes with a message.
Such as a beautiful gift from a wonderful spirit.
A great gift comes from a great heart.
~ Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima.

A Sweet Gift from A Sweet Heart and With A Sweet Spirit.

Give gift baskets and hampers of good books for they will gladden our hearts and uplift our spirits and enrich our lives longer than cookies, sweets, wines, jewelries and other forms of gift items that do not do much for us than to tickle our fancy and boost our vanity in the society.

Ms. Nedra Brooks, the winner of that FABULOUS Christmas gift basket from NIKKI TURNER.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, aka "Orikinla Osinachi", author of Children of Heaven, Scarlet Tears of London, The Language of True Love, Bye, Bye Zimbabwe, In the House of Dogs, The Prophet Lied, Diary of the Memory Keeper, Nollywood Mirror Series and other books in print and electronic versions distributed by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, Tower Books and other booksellers worldwide.

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Lady Gaga Kisses Tony Bennett!

Lady Gaga Kisses Tony Bennett!

Tony Bennett smiles as Lady Gaga kisses him on the cheek during the red carpet arrivals at the Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek LIVE! performance, sponsored by LG Electronics, at Jazz at Lincoln Center, on Monday, July 28, 2014 in New York. (Photo by Stuart Ramson/Invision for LG Electronics/AP Images) Creator Stuart Ramson Copyright Invision.

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