Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Amazon Rewards KDP Select All-Stars With More Millions of Dollars

The popular Amazon's Kindle Unlimited got a bonus of $2.7 million in August as an addition to the regular base fund amount of $2 million. And to celebrate the KDP Select (KDPS) books and authors that are most popular with customers, Amazon is launching the “KDP Select All-Stars” based on the bestselling KDPS titles in every month. Amazon will identify each All-Star author and title on each applicable KDPS title’s detail page and KDP Select All-Stars will earn financial bonuses paid separately from the $2.7M bonus.

Anyone with titles in KDPS, including a debut author with a single title can qualify if their work becomes a customer favorite. And finally many authors outside the US will benefit from an additional bonus of $80,000 to be paid out on all KOLL loans outside of the US.

From August, Amazon will pay out All-Star bonuses to the top 100 most-read authors and, separately, the top 100 most-read titles; calculating ‘most-read’ by combining books sold plus qualified borrows from KU and the Kindle Owners Lending Library (KOLL) during the month. Calculations only include sales and qualified borrows for titles enrolled in KDPS.

The top 100 most-read KDPS authors will each be awarded the following amounts:
• Authors 1 through 10 will receive $25,000
• Authors 11 through 20 will receive $10,000
• Authors 21 through 30 will receive $5,000
• Authors 31 through 50 will receive $2,500
• Authors 51 through 100 will receive $1,000

Authors of the top 100 KDPS titles will each earn the following amounts:
• Titles 1 through 10 will receive $2,500
• Titles 11 through 50 will receive $1,000
• Titles 51 through 100 will receive $500

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