Monday, September 29, 2014

Okoro, The Prince: Another Epic on the Benin Kingdom is Here

Lancelot Imasuen's critically acclaimed epic "Invasion 1897" is still making headlines in Nigeria and abroad with local and international premieres of the historical film on the bloody punitive Benin Expedition of 1897 and another epic on the Benin Kingdom, "Okoro, the Prince" is ready for world premiere.

The film directed by Charles Uwagbai, one of the upcoming ambitious filmmakers in Nollywood has a cast of accomplished Nigerian actors, including the celebrated Sam Loco Efe of blessed memory, Alex Usifo Omiagbo and Ufuoma Stacey Ejenobo. The associate producer is Christabel Momodu, a former beauty pageant queen and popular multi-lingual model who has graced the covers of the Allure magazine of Vanguard newspapers and for the Etisalat Nigeria Double yor recharge advertising campaign.

If captivating trailers can be used to judge movies, then "Okoro, the Prince" is a must see movie.

This is a story of destinies skewed by mysterious happenstances.
This is a story of roaring, consuming ambitions.
This is a story of audacious bravery.

It is the fifteenth century: 1400 A.D. By an inexplicable twist of fate, the destiny of a kingdom is altered. Oba Ozolua, during whose reign Benin kingdom regained her glory and expanded her frontiers, is caught up in the vortex of intrigues that intertwines the destinies of his first three sons. The eldest becomes crippled as a result of a play ground accident. This causes his claim to the exalted throne to be passed over.
Enter Princes Arhuan and Osawe.
Both were born on the same day. Actually, Arhuan was given birth to first. But, the chiefs did not announce his birth until many hours after the proclamation of the birth of Osawe by Oba Ozolua, their father.This, according to customs, makes Arhuan the younger and Osawe, the heir apparent.
This slight creates enmity between the princes.
Prince Osawe is crowned Oba of Benin, with the title of Oba Esigie, an adamant Prince Arhuan wants his stolen destiny restored.
This set the stage for intrigues, sorcery and outright conflicts. Queen Idia marshals the Oba's warriors. Arhuan joins battle against the Benin kingdom. In the ensuing conflicts, Prince Arhuan shows courage in the face of adversity.
Queen Idia accomplishes her deepest burning desire. And, Oba Esigie goes on to become one of the greatest Obas of Benin Kingdom.

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