Friday, October 26, 2012

Tweet of the Week: Nigerian Youths Are Too Lazy To Read and Think

Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai is a former Director General of The Bureau of Public Enterprises, the head privatization agency in Nigeria and also the former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja from 16 July 2003 to 29 May 2007. He is a member of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC).


  1. El-rufai is no body,he was a kitchen cabinet of OBJ when USD 18Billion in power sector without adding 100mw in 8 years,Nitel Saga was what we got,accusation and counter accusations..Obj was budgeting over N2billion for food which El-rufai never let out to Nigerians,el-rufai sold the federal government houses without remitting the money to the government,he allocated lands to his wives and underage son against the oat of office he took and many more sins..

  2. Okoye.
    Well, if he was found guilty he would have been jailed. But he is free and talking and that means all the allegations were never proved with facts.