Monday, October 29, 2012

Sex Has Been Overrated by Idiots and Scam Artists

Sex Has Been Overrated by Idiots and Scam Artists

The most important purpose for sex is procreation.
PERIOD and nothing is more important than that. But the over bloated billion dollar sex industry is full of deliberate ambiguous and erroneous information on sex to swindle millions of ignorant people who have been lied to and misled to accept that the only solutions to their ignorance are the products being hawked and sold by producers and writers of various sex products and services offered by the sex industry such as aphrodisiacs, sex toys, pornographic publications on the joys of sex. But after long and thorough surveys, the truth is most of these sex products and services are powered by greed. The authors of different books on how to have better sex, orgasm, enlarge your penis and other products that have made promiscuity the degenerate popular culture of a sex saturated society are not different from scam artists. Most of these authors claiming to be experts don’t even know how to make love to a woman from I have seen them showing in their numerous books and videos!

If you carefully survey their adult publications and videos on sex, you would be wondering if they are showing men how to torture women and not how to make love to them.
In fact, honestly all the porn sites should be scrapped and yanked off the internet and cable TV stations, because you don’t need them!

Their biggest lie is on ORGASM.
They lie that the only way most women can have orgasm is when the men use the different methods in their books or use their sex toys. But heaven knows that they are bloody liars and scam artists running the racket in the sex industry.


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