Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Dear, Your Partner Has Another Phone Number You Don't Know?

My dear, what would you do if you discovered that your boyfriend or girlfriend had another phone number you never knew?
Of course that meant he or she had another life you did not know and he or she did not want you to know about it.

Unfaithful partners who think they are smarter than you have secret phone numbers they use for their other relationships.
This saves them from your interruptions or investigations like those who don't want you to use the mobile phone tracker to find out their whereabouts.
But for how long?

Like a girl who told her boyfriend and family that she was going for a travel agency's course outside Lagos.
She lied that she would be having the one week course on tourism in Calabar, but she was only going to Calabar to keep a date with one of her customers from 2go who agreed to pay her N20, 000 daily to sleep with him at a guest house.
She was prostituting outside the vicinity of her boyfriend and family.

During one of our HIV/AIDS Control and Prevention programs for commercial sex workers at the Metropolitan Hotel in Calabar, I met a call girl who confessed that she operated in Calabar whilst she lived a normal life in Lagos running her hairdressing salon.

When I was doing the research for my documentary on the Niger Delta crisis, I met another call girl in the Monkey Village on Bonny Island who confessed that she came from Warri to operate at the NLNG on Bonny, Rivers State. She shared a one room apartment with her fellow prostitutes, but said she had a two bed room flat back home in Delta State.
She told me that she had a steady boyfriend in Warri, but always lied to him that she had contracts at the NLNG Bonny. Yes, she had regular contracts to sleep with her customers who were expatriates and even the married Nigerian men on Bonny Island.

Some girls have told me that they used other mobile phones for their runs which must be hidden from their boyfriends.
Whenever they are busy on their runs, they simply switch off their normal mobile phones. And of course they have enough excuses and lies to tell their boyfriends and concerned members of their families, uncles, parents and other guardians. And the GSM phone networks have automated replies they always applied to support their excuses and lies.
"The subscriber is not reachable."
"No Network."
"Network busy."
"Number Busy."

Oh, sorry Jolly. I was on the site of the quarry at the Nigeria LNG Bonny when you called.
I always switch off my phone whenever I want to rest after work.
I just quench my BB when I dey study o.
Nework bad for that side o. In fact, I have to climb to the balcony to receive calls.
Hiss. No mind these silly telecom service providers. They are overloading their network.

O, Tunde. I misplaced my phone. That must have been the time you were trying to reach me. I am sorry.
I have been very ill. In fact, I was on drip for days.

The lies runs girlfriends have been using their mobile phones to tell will make heavens weep.
No wonder we have been having torrential rainfalls that flooded several states, destroying homes and lives and with over 600, 000 displaced people. grin

I received emails from members of Nairaland who wanted to know how to use the mobile phone tracker to monitor the whereabouts of their partners.
The whole works are on

If your partner has a secret phone number used on another mobile phone, the spy monitor can still trace the whereabouts.
Imagine your boyfriend lying that he was not in Lagos, but the signals reported that he was at KFC in Yaba, Lagos! grin
What the mobile tracker does is to stop all those who use their mobile phones to lie about their locations.

If your partner has another phone number you don't know, then he or she is unfaithful to you in one way or another.
The following is quite amusing.

The cheat's app: How adulterers can make lovers’ texts and calls disappear at the shake of a phone.

Cate, or Call and Text Eraser, creates an invisible log of calls and text messages and hides numbers from the contacts list
If someone walks in while the cheat is reading their illicit texts, a simple shake of the phone will make it all disappear
American entrepreneur Neil Desai won $70,000 on American equivalent of Dragon's Den to develop his idea
So far the app has been downloaded 10,000 times - mostly by women

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