Thursday, June 8, 2017

You Can Have Natural Dark Blue Eyes

Lest we forget Early Europeans had dark skin and blue eyes.

This video is for those who want to change their eye color to dark blue in a natural way and permanent.
-Listen/watch all the video from two to six times a day, in a row or separately.
-Do it at the time you want, preferably in a quiet place.
-Use headsets for better results.
-Do not hear it when another activity requires concentration.
-Be constant. The results appear gradually between 2 weeks and 6 months depending on each person.
-To speed the process, use the video more times a day focusing on your objective.
-You can stop using it when you feel satisfied with the results.
-Once achieved the change, this one will be permanent.
-The video content is 100% positive and safe.
-It can be used by any person of any age and sex (unless other thing be indicated)
-You can just listen without watching; even listen to it while sleeping.
-It does not work correctly if is downloaded.
-Few people may feel some discomfort, but it is temporary.
-It can be used along with other subliminal videos of this channel.
-The results may vary depending on the nature of each person (the image is just an example).

Any result obtained is responsibility of the person who uses the video.

Good luck!

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