Saturday, June 10, 2017

India Tops Largest Film Producers in the World, Nigeria Drops Out of Top 10

After India, the United States was the second top producer, with a total of 738 feature films, followed by China (638 films), Japan (591 films) and France (270 films). It is important to note that Nigeria is not included in the analysis because most Nollywood feature films are produced in video format.

Dangal has grossed ₹1,823 crore (US$280 million) so far.
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion - current box office: ₹1,652 crore (US$260 million)

Diversity of feature films

India is also the global leader in terms of linguistic diversity in feature films. While most countries produce films in one or two languages, Bollywood films were produced in 35 languages. Interestingly, less than 17% of the films were produced in each of the top four languages (Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam).

Globally, about 75% of the feature films produced in 2013 were categorised as fiction, while documentaries accounted for about 23%, followed by animation.

Revenues and average ticket prices

According to UIS data, box office receipts grew by almost 5% between 2012 and 2013, reaching a total of US$26.9 billion for the top ten film markets: the United States/Canada, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, India, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, Germany and Australia. These countries accounted for 75% of global box office receipts.

The greatest growth has been in China, where revenues exceeded US$3.6 billion in 2013, compared to US$244 million in 2005. In the near future, it will probably overtake the United States, where box office sales have barely changed in recent years.

The average ticket price for cinemas was US$7.10 in 2013, although this varies considerable across countries. In Senegal, people pay an average of US$0.56 compared to US$17.48 in Bahrain.

India had the largest number of people going to the cinema. With an average ticket price of US$0.81, India had more cinema-goers than the United States, China and Japan combined.

UIS data also show that 80% of the top ten most popular movies in 2013 were either sequels or franchises. The top three were: Despicable Me 2, Iron Man 3 and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

1. India
Movies Produced: 1724
2. United States
Movies Produced: 738
3. China
Movies Produced: 638
4. Japan
Movies Produced: 591
5. France
Movies Produced: 270
6. United Kingdom
Movies Produced: 241
7. Spain
Movies Produced: 241
8. Germany
Movies Produced: 223

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The UIS is the only statistical agency to provide a global perspective on the world’s most lucrative cultural industry and one of the most popular cultural practices – movie-watching. Demand for data has never been greater as digital technology transforms the ways in which films are produced, distributed and consumed by audiences in theatres and homes.

The Institute conducts a biennial survey on feature film and cinema statistics to monitor global trends in selected areas of this industry. This is the only international survey to include countries in all regions and at all stages of development – from Hollywood to Bollywood and Nollywood. It uses comparable definitions to collect data on a range of issues, including the Top 10 films viewed per country; linguistic diversity in film production; admissions; national versus international co-productions per country; and distribution mechanisms.

The survey provides a unique perspective on how different countries and regions are transforming traditional approaches to the art and industry of film-making. The data can be used to track trends in consumption, for example, by looking at the origins of films viewed versus the most popular films, based on attendance. The data also reflect issues related to cinema infrastructure and access, as reflected by the numbers of indoor cinemas and average ticket prices per capita.


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  1. Elimihe Osezuah AnthonyJune 10, 2017 at 9:28 AM

    Dear Chima, thank you for your unrelenting reportage on this industry. Your love and commitment will be rewarded. However, may I plead with us all in Nigeria to tell ourselves the truth namely, we have never been on the top 10 list of cinema content producing countries of the world, that rather we are and have always been on the same scale with the Latin American types of Peru, Venezuela and co whose industries are mainly artisan and unprofessional done straight to DVD and online. Our cinema is too too infant to go that near. How much do we generate per annum, how many tickets do we sell annually, and how many screens do we have per 100, 000 population?

    Thank God for the foresight of Ben Bruce in kick starting the cinema revolution in Nigeria in our own time, and kudos to the brave hearts of Ekene of Film house and Genesis, all powered by the amazing efforts of BOI(we pray the wrong logic from the usually sad quarters of Nigeria does not mislocate their commitment) we are now beginning to see an upsurge in our cinema contents. We are growing,but the ambition of a top 10 is a wild one. We never reach there. How many screens do we have now? Not even up to 300. How about the beauty and craft of our cinema contents? Has anyone seen Bahubali 2 and the sheer beauty of that piece? So we want to associate ourselves with the country bringing in such a masterpiece of cinema when all we know is being scared of daring? AY, abeg thank you for upping the game. Kemi Adetiba, respect for crashing records. But we are just trying to start.

    Abeg, make una stop am if na joke o, too 10 ko, top bottom ni! Someone will come now and be trying to come and be saying that I have big mouth and I don't respect our effort and 'when did we start here?', and I dare to ask that kinda person for how long have we been watching movies? Is it so difficult to tell oneself the truth and rise to the occasion of excellence? Must we be patted on the back with ,'Come on guys, you're trying...' As if we were some monkeys pulling up some human tricks. Let someone stand up and scream out his lungs, 'For God's sake, we are humans, not monkeys!' Actually ,I did not mean do so with your mouth, but with your work.

    Oya make we dey come and be trying to be carrying day go since what we like is money, not legacy. One would have expected that the BOI should have been soundly advised by its powerful advisers to set aside 150-200 million at least to do a national pride movie with all the best of our art and craft poured into it to challenge for the Oscars and the global box office. Oh, I forget again, we do not have the temperament for such daring deeds! And we regard names over results and We are a careful people, who would rather put big money in cars and houses than put it on totems of national glory. A people out to oppress itself with the goods of aliens.So how do we hope to make that kid on his way to school proud of his/her country? And if we cannot do that, how do we hope to build a strong, independent virile nation where ethnic agitations are lifeless? Watch Bahubali 2 and imagine what that does to the psyche of an Indian kid! I don tire for dis country, sha. Carrying money into buying oyinbo gadget and building nothing. Mtscheew.

    My name remains Osezuah Elimihe. I dey vex for our mediocre ways and approach to all things.

    1. Osezua Elimihe, thanks for your comprehensive commentary on the status of Nigerian film industry. Facts clear all doubts.

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