138 Enhancing Drinking Water With Lifestyle

#138 is more than just a Bottled Water company, it's a Lifestyle! #onemeaning #threewords #eightletters #ILoveYou

Electrolyte Enhanced Purified Water

138 Water is fashion, style and healthy living. It is about the right to choose how you feel and to be who you are. As the first ever fashion water, 138 Water allows people to complement their style or mood with their water. Millions of people across the country walk around holding a bottle of water, so why not make it a healthy accessory?

138 Water is for people who love water, love fashion, love color and love choices!

38 Water is a premium, purified drinking water that is processed using reverse osmosis, carbon and micro filtration and is UV and ozone treated with electrolytes added to ensure a crisp, clear taste.

The product is packaged in 1-liter (33.8 oz.) bottles in a variety of fashion colors: Cool Blue, Leave-Me-Alone Black, Pretty in Pink, Sunshine Yellow, Funky Purple, Sexy Red, Going Green and Orange You Glad We Made Orange. 138 Water is sold both individually and in six-packs of each color. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $1.99 per bottle. Bottles are constructed of 100 percent recyclable BPA-free plastic.


+1 310-948-9017


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