Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Stupidity of Poor Girls Using Expensive Smart Phones and other Luxury Items

The Stupidity of Poor Girls Using Expensive Smart Phones and other Luxury Items

Poor girls wanting or using expensive smart phones are greedy and stupid.
When a poor girl wants or uses an expensive luxury item that she cannot afford, she is a crook even if it is a gift.
Intelligent and well bred poor girls don't misplace their priorities for the luxuries of life.

In Nigeria, you see poor girls living with their poor families in tenements with horrible living conditions where up to 50 tenants queue to share the same one toilet and one bathroom, but these dumb black Bimbos on and off campus are using expensive smart phones when their poor parents cannot pay house rent or buy new dresses to replace their torn and worn dresses.

Stupid poor students on campuses want to compare and compete with rich students to have luxury items they cannot afford. That is why these poor girls become promiscuous and unscrupulous gold diggers and desperate call girls sleeping with multiple sex partners or throwing themselves to rich guys, who in most cases are actually corrupt Nigerian politicians or ruthless criminals with ill gotten riches and hands full of the blood of their victims. But these desperate poor girls don't care how these so called rich guys they fondly call "Big Boys" made their millions of naira, dollars or pounds. And some of them have been used for ritual sacrifices.

There is nothing more honouring and worthy than doing decent jobs and earning your money without stealing or killing anyone.

Poor girls on and off campus can invest the money spent to get an expensive luxury item on the welfare of their poor parents, brothers or sisters and save for the rainy day.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, author of the House of Dogs" and other books.


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