Thursday, December 20, 2012

Before You Date Anyone, Please Do Some Background Checking For Your Own Good

Boys and men are most guilty of rushing any girl or woman into bed at first meeting at the club, pub or party and many have been ruined and scarred for life from contracting sexually transmitted diseases and other forms of infections and afflictions from the grave consequences.
I have seen where the same girl had s*e*x with five different guys one after another at an all night party in Lagos. And these lousy guys have their so called steady babies.

Imagine rushing a hot babe for a quickie or one night stand and as she opened her toto, you see a big sore before your very eyes when your mojo is already erect for action! grin

Guys don't see things clearly at night clubs and end up with even possessed girls and ladies.

A Muslim guy who is one of the most accomplished young artists in Nigeria told me how he woke up one midnight many years ago and was looking for his Muslim girlfriend who often spent days and nights in his apartment. Then he saw her talking to an invisible person in the darkness outside his apartment and she collected something he could not see from this invisible person. He sneaked back into bed before she could return. But he nearly passed out from the shock he had that night. He never slept with her again and did not even have the courage to query her until he told her that he was no longer ready to marry her.
She never confessed the truth until she became a born again Christian.
So, finding out the spiritual history is important.

Sex is not the beginning and end of a relationship. So, it is wise to take your time to find out more about the girl or guy you want to date.
Medical history is important.
Like a girl with syphilis she did even know she had for over five years and was sleeping with her boyfriend who was ignorant of it.

Beware of any girl or woman who is reluctant to discuss the true circumstances of her sex and spiritual life.
It matters.

A guy was ready to sleep with a girl he had known for over two years and decided to go for a medical examination with her before Being Intimate and the results showed that she had syphilis.


My ex-girlfriend and I shared the passwords of our email accounts. Even when I left town and returned to find her with a new guy, she did not change her password and I have access to her emails. She has never hidden anything from me.
We are still very good friends. But her boyfriend always feels uneasy when she comes to see me, because there are things she tells me that she will never tell her boyfriend.

Then what of dating a guy with a secret criminal record and as you are sleeping with him, the police come in to arrest him.
Or you wonder why he got sacked at his last place of work?

Why does a guy hide you from members of his family?
Why is he reluctant to take you to visit a brother, sister or uncle?
Find out what he is hiding from you.
The sooner you find out, the better and safer you would be.
Beware of a guy who is not proud of his family.

Always find out the facts why a guy broke up with his former girlfriend?
Most guys tell lies to hide the truth, but please, find out from those who have known him before you met him.
He could be a violent guy or even a murderer.

Those evil guys who attacked their girlfriends with acid and other deadly weapons will later sweet-talk other ignorant impressionable and vulnerable girls and women into relationship and marriage.


Don't be in a hurry to slam, date or marry anyone until you have found out some facts of life about them.
This is to avoid future problems such as infertility, the most common in many marriages in Nigeria.
Why is infertility more common among Nigerian couples?
Abortions and STDs cause infertility.

Nigerians rush into relationship and marriage and often end up miserable.

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