Aliko Mohammad Dangote; The Biography of the Richest Black Person in the World

Aliko Mohammad Dangote; The Biography of the Richest Black Person in the World by Moshood A. Fayemiwo & Margie M. Neal

The authors traced the history of Mr. Aliko Dangote and his larger than life personality as a business icon and perhaps the most successful business man in Nigeria and in Africa today. The book took readers into Mr. Dangote’s persona; a cool headed, humble, simple and hardworking man, who has succeeded in building the largest private industrial business empire in Nigeria and West Africa which have enriched many lives through job creation and service delivery. The authors presented Aliko as a poster boy for Nigeria’s potential and a tremendous boost for morale. What is truly exciting about Mr. Dangote’s wealth, as this book shows, is that he plows his business profits back into the local economy to generate more wealth and employment opportunities. That definitely distinguishes Mr. Dangote from other men and women of means in Nigeria. Mr. Dangote is presented in this book as a genuine African patriot for contributing to the industrialization of the continent. The fact that Dangote is the richest African and black man in the world are a testament to the potentials of the African economy for investors interested in making legitimate money in the Nigerian economy. In fact, Aliko’s business success presents a window of opportunity for the Nigerian government to attract foreign investors into the Nigerian and African economies. If Dangote can make stupendous profit locally, so can others who are willing to invest in the African economy. A readable book written in an easy and straight forward prose.

~ Dr. Segun Oshinaga, author, coach, speaker, pastor and president, Wisdom for Winning Network, Lagos, Nigeria.

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