The Untapped Potentials of Film Tourism By International Film Festivals in Nigeria

The Untapped Potentials of Film Tourism By International Film Festivals in Nigeria

The awesome opportunities for film tourism in both #Kannywood and #Nollywood have been elaborately exposed in my popular article on
"Nollywood Can Turn Nigerian Tourism Into a Billion Dollar Industry" published over two years ago in the Welcome To Nollywood column on | IndieWire But the potentials remain untapped by the major stakeholders in the Nigerian film industry, especially the Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC). There are no excuses. They have just failed to explore the opportunities of all the possibilities of film tourism with all the awesome movie locations in Nigeria which I have listed in my article on the best movie locations in the country and cited in the feature on tours of movie sites by the famous Hollywood screenwriter, Emma Forrest for the Wings in-flight magazine  of Arik Airlines.

You can also see "Exotic Locations for Movies in Nigeria" on

"Nollywood and Kannywood Are Now Nigeria's Top Tourist Attractions" by Laura Chapman on

"How To Use Nollywood To Develop Film Tourism in Nigeria" on

Recently, a group of foreign tourists asked me for a tour of Nollywood movie sites. So, I suggested having what we can call "Nollywood Tours" by the major international film festivals in Nigeria to liaise with TripAdvisor where I have over 16, 000 regular readers of my reviews,, Wakanow, Travelstart, TravelBeta and others to organise tours and visits to selected movie locations in Nollywood; including photographs with the celebrated stars and directors of the acclaimed movies. Souvenirs of autographed T-shirts, travel bags, DVDs and catalogues for the movies can be sold to the tourists at the locations during the Nollywood tours
The Nollywood Tours and Kannywood Tours can be supported by Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC), state commissioners of information, culture and tourism and Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation.
The tours should be included in the programmes of the film festivals.

The organisers of international film festivals in Nigeria who need to consult me for promotion of such events for tourist attractions in Nollywood and Kannywood can contact me to reach thousands of my readers, invitations to Hollywood stars, Telemundo stars and others.

I know opportunists will most likely rush to register Nollywood Tours or Kannywood Tours without having both the intellectual and professional capacities to organise them appropriately.
It would be in the best interests of the Nigerian film industry and travel agencies to consult me on how best to do so.

See the Big Picture! 

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima,
247 Nigeria @247nigeria #Twitter
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