Sunday, December 23, 2018

Highest Grossing Nollywood Movies and Other Stories

The highest grossing movies in #Nollywood may flop in Kenya and South Africa where the producers and distributors cannot take advantage of the Showtimes at the cinemas.
Is it not funny that they are only box office hits in Nigeria, but flop where they cannot fix the showtimes? Box office hits in Nigeria, but end up rated as only good enough for TV and VOD. Because, at the major film markets, over 90% of Nollywood movies and also #Kannywood movies are classified for TV and not cinema. 

The sharp practises in the local exhibition of Nollywood movies are doing more harm than good to the Nigerian film industry.
Those who know and are involved know what I am talking about.
You cannot hide every every fart in your closet.

The competitions for local bragging rights in Nollywood are childish and counterproductive to the overall appreciation of Nigerian film industry.
As I keep repeating again and again, until Nollywood movies can compete with the best at the Cannes Film Festival, Academy Awards and other top level competitions in the global film industry, we are still lagging behind South Africa, Egypt and other African countries competing with the best in the world.
Appearing on CNN Africa, BBCAfrica and Al Jazeera is not an achievement.
Please, let us grow up.

Presently, Nollywood is where #Bollywood was over 40 years ago.
Let us stop competing against ourselves.

See the Big Picture! 

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima,
247 Nigeria @247nigeria #Twitter
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