Sunday, January 6, 2013

Top 10 Unexpected Destinations and Adventures for Travelers In 2013

Yalta is just one of the many adventurous destinations Crystal offers for 2013. (PRNewsFoto/Crystal Cruises)

1. Málaga, Spain – The lesser-known neighbor to Madrid and Barcelona that serves up classic Andalusian cuisine with a heaping side of architecture and history, named by Departures magazine one of the world's most "under the radar" destinations;

2. New England/Canada – A rare spring voyage through the region, trading more familiar fall foliage for spectacular spring blooms and landscapes;

3. Yalta, Ukraine – The rugged, mountainous Crimean peninsula and lush forest by 4x4 or horseback, a picturesque contrast to the historic urban landscape for which the city is known;

4. Hong Kong, China -- An invigorating hike through the lush Dragon's Back Trail for an escape from the city's bustling Central District;

5. Oslo, Norway – An Olympian's view from the wheel bob track in Lillehammer;

6. Sainte Agnès, France – For one's French Riviera bucket list, a jaunt to the highest coastal village in Europe offers breathtaking views and medieval charm;

7. Edinburgh, Scotland – A quest for the Holy Grail, tracing the steps of the centuries-old tale connecting the Knights Templar to the Grail and visiting sites featured in The Da Vinci Code ;

8. St. Petersburg, Russia –An interactive look at Russia's modern art -- an alternative to the city's famous palaces and classical museums – concludes with a master class in giclee painting technique;

9. Padua, Italy – A bird's eye view of Italy's second most ancient city from hot air balloon;

10. Reykjávic, Iceland – Trekking across Icelandic lava fields atop one of the country's characteristic small horses;

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