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Pinch Me, Toto. I Can't Believe 'Save America's Cinemas' Saved Our Movie Theater From Falling Off The Cliff

14 Jan 2013 15:00 Africa/Lagos

Pinch Me, Toto. I Can't Believe 'Save America's Cinemas' Saved Our Movie Theater From Falling Off The Cliff

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Jan. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Rachel Daddezio woke up this morning feeling a lot like Dorothy back from Oz.

Only instead of Kansas, she was in Endicott, NY, where her small neighborhood Cinema Saver Theater built in 1917 was about to go dark until the Tin Man representing the non-profit, Save America's Cinemas (, stepped into the picture.

Flanked by the timid lion, scarecrow and Dorothy, Tin Man picked her yellow brick ticket from a bucket of popcorn during a magical, star-studded, over-the-rainbow-like weekend here at the former Playboy Club on Collins Avenue.

Rachel's digital dream came wizardly true when she won the popcorn power ball drawing before an audience of cheering movie stars.

Her digital dream of saving her small, neighborhood movie theater from the wicked fiscal witch had come true, thanks to the organization founded by Walter Shaw, whose buddies include a loyal troupe of movie stars in Hollywood, who flew in to support the cause.

The winning ticket worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in donated digital equipment will save Rachel's small, independent theater, which like thousands of others had become an endangered species in a fast-moving culture.

Her cinema was spared from being one of 3,000 neighborhood theaters in danger of going out of business this year because they can't afford the costly conversion to digital technology.

"How grateful I am to Walter Shaw and Save America's Cinemas for all they're doing to help neighborhood theaters like mine to stay in business," she said.

Each of the stars present rose to speak passionately about the need to preserve independent theaters around the country.

Actor Frank Vincent said it was at a neighborhood theater where he developed his lifelong appreciation of classic films and his appetite was whetted to become an actor. "God bless you Walter for doing this and you can count on us to do everything we can to support this great cause."

Vincent was referring to fellow actors in attendance: Vincent Pastore, Tom Sizemore, Debbie Mazar, Kathrine Narducci, Frank Stallone and Chuck Zito. Jay Michaels was emcee at the event produced by TransMedia Group.

Sponsors included Christies, Texas Instruments, Dolby Digital Cinema, Doremi, RealD, Iceland Glacier Wonders, CIROC Vodka, Whole Foods Market in South Beach and Laspadas Original Subs.

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