Friday, January 18, 2013

When Ex-girlfriends Hide Their Marital Status

I think any ex-girlfriend who hides her marital status from you wants to do you more harm than good and can kill you.

Do you know how dangerous it is to be deceived into sleeping with the fiancée or wife of another man?
Would the man spare you if he finds out?
Therefore any ex-girlfriend hiding her marital status from you is EVIL.
A popular Lagos socialite was shot and killed by hired killers sent by the husband of his mistress who must have lied to him that she was no longer married.

No matter the temptations, beware of ex-girlfriends and do background check on them without their knowledge to find out if they are engaged, married or still single.
You can find out from their close friends, relatives and members of their families.

A stitch in time saves nine.
Otherwise you will end up with stitches or even worse.

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