Monday, January 7, 2013

It Takes Only 90 Seconds To Fall at First Sight for Most People

Eva and Lance.

No, it is not love, but lust at first sight.

It takes only 90 seconds to 4 minutes for someone to decide if he or she is attracted to us or not.
And since it happens so fast, you may not have any idea you've ignited lusty feelings in the person silently observing you from across the room.

What triggers these quick takes? Research shows that 55 percent of the time we are able to hook someone because of our body language; 38 percent of the time it's the tone, speed and inflection of our voice; and a measly 7 percent of the time it's from what we say.


I am master of eye contact, slight touches and of course the deep sexy poetic voice.
Look straight into her eyes, then move your gaze to her lips as she is talking and then adjust her collar or just slide your fingers over her weave on as if trying to adjust a curl.
If you are a close acquaintance, you can stroke her eyebrows lovingly. With the most popular female blogger in Nigeria, Orikinla will stroke her navel lovingly and then intertwine his fingers with hers.
For more romantic hints and tips, get a copy of The Language of True Love or Diary of the Memory Keeper by Orikinla, the Knight of Love.

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