Thursday, January 3, 2013

How Does It Feel To Be Dating Someone Who Is Intellectually Re-tarded?

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I am not the only one who has noted this fact of life about the current generation of Nigerian girls and women, including those who claim to be graduates of local tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

The glaring difference between the local ones here in Nigeria no matter the size of their BB or vagina and fake egos and the ones in developed countries like the US and the UK is the majority of babes in Nigeria can be annoyingly intellectually retarded compared to the majority of the guys. But in order not to embarrass them, the guys pretend not to notice that these girls are really daft even though they pretend to be smart (and only in their "runs").

As Harper Lee the author of the all time classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird, said, the present generation live in abundant society where people have laptops, cell phones, etc, but with minds like empty rooms.
Majority of them are really promiscuous and vacuous.
The best thing they can offer is sex. So, they prefer you just give them what they want at their own bargains.
Money for hand, back for bed.
That is why you see 99% of them crowding the Romance and Sexuality Sections of Nairaland the popular Nigerian online forum, because they are not capable of engaging in intelligent cerebral discussions in the Politics, Technology, Education sections.
You now know why the Nigerian guys would rather watch European soccer matches and play games to sitting down to listen to the retarded conversations of Nigerian girls gossiping and pinging?

While majority of Nigerian guys go to the university to get good education for academic and professional careers, the majority of Nigerian girls do so to improve their competitive advantage for their "runs" and hooking rich guys in marriage. And after the weddings, you see them looking and behaving like uneducated people without class and without taste. Even the gardener and driver can chance them.
That is why you can only find few of them in the boardroom, because majority of them have their best assets in the bedroom.

Dating and marrying intellectually retarded girls and women affect the development of the family, community and society. Majority of them cannot help their kids with homework.
Imagine asking a Nigerian housewife to read any of the Harry Potter series to kids in Middle Grade (9-12 years old)?
She would pass out even before page 120. Therefore, how can such a wife raise up brilliant kids when she cannot teach them more than she knows?
But she can teach them how to dance Nigerian hip hop Azonto, Kukere and Alingo perfectly!
Now you know why they are recording mass failures in Nigerian schools?
That is why majority of Nigerian couples are poor and makes Nigeria a poor country even though we have awesome mineral resources, but not enough brains to turn Nigeria around.

Majority of single Nigerian girls and women are more desperate for their dream guys than dream jobs.
While the Nigerian guys are busy hunting for dream jobs, the girls are busy hunting for the guys hunting for the dream jobs. That is why you see ex-girlfriends desperately making U-Turns to return to their ex-boyfriends who have made it big. They don't even mind to play mistress or "second wife" if the guys are married.
So, guys how does it feel or how do you cope with dating intellectually retarded Nigerian girls on and off campus and those in the office?

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, author of Children of Heaven, Scarlet Tears of London, Language of True Love, Bye, Bye Mugabe, In the House of Dogs, Diary of the Memory Keeper, The Prophet Lied and other books. He is also the Publisher/CEO of International Digital Post Network Limited, Founder/Festival Director of the annual Eko International Film Festival and Founder/CEO of Screen Outdoor Open Air Cinema. 

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