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Zenith International Film Festival: Guided Tours of Locations of Popular Nollywood Movies

Zenith International Film Festival: Guided Tours of Locations of Popular Nollywood Movies

There are many exotic and romantic movie locations in Nigeria that millions have seen in the Nollywood movies and Kannywood movies. And many of them in Nigeria and other countries will like to visit these movie locations for film tourism.
Zenith International Film Festival (ZIFF) will soon start guided tours of these locations in Nigeria. They include the top five locations I selected for the famous Emma Forest whose directorial debut, "Untogether" premièred at 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.
See the locations published in the Wings in-flight magazine of Arik Airlines on Sets And The City

Osun River, Osun Oshogbo Grove:
a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Osun State of South Western Nigeria
As seen in: Arugba, Tunde Kelani’s 2008 movie about a king of an imaginary town who fights corruption. The Osun river and the annual Osun Osogbo festival that takes place near it, is central to the plot.

Benin Kingdom:
and the home of Omo n’Oba Ovonramwen Nogbaisi in Calabar.
As seen in: "Invasion 1897", the epic 2014 film By Lancelot Imasuen about an African Art student who recounts the British invasion of Benin in 1897, and exile of great King Oba Ovonramwen.

Toro, in Bauchi State:
As seen in: "Mister Johnson", this 1990 American drama film adaptation of a 1939 novel by Joyce Cary, starring Pierce Brosnan as a British colonial officer alongside Nigerian star Maynard Eziashi. Bauchi State was also the location of Palaver, the first feature film made in Nigeria in 1926 by Geoffrey Barkas.

Kwa Falls in Calabar, Cross River State:
As seen in: "I’ll Take My Chances", a dance romance made in 2011 by director Desmond Elliot, about a troubled young woman who must take the position of priestess of the land, or allow calamity to befall her village.

Makoko and Idumota, Lagos:
As seen in "Gidi Blues" romantic drama of Femi Odugbemi. The love story of a young carefree playboy from an affluent family in Lagos city whose chance meeting of an unusual beauty in an unpredictable place later becomes a turning point in his life. The picturesque scenes in the bustling Idumota market, a popular hub of traders of DVDs of Nollywood movies and Makoko, the "black Venice of Africa" make the locations a must see for film tourists.

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