Sunday, June 10, 2018

"The Prophet Lied" Selling for More than N127, 000 a Copy in Mexico

Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima's book The Prophet Lied is now one of the most highly priced books of modern poetry in the world with the price of US$354.92, excluding the cost for shipping in Mexico. That is more than N127, 000 in Nigerian currency.
The title of the book is from the poem on false prophets or fake pastors and other questionable men claiming to be anointed ministers of Christianity and other monotheistic religions, but they are like the lying prophets described in the book of Ezekiel, Chapter 13 of the Holy Bible.
1 The Lord said:

2 Ezekiel, son of man, condemn the prophets of Israel who say they speak in my name, but who preach messages that come from their own imagination. Tell them it’s time to hear my message.

3 I, the Lord God, say those lying prophets are doomed! They don’t see visions—they make up their own messages! 4 Israel’s prophets are no better than jackals[a] that hunt for food among the ruins of a city. 5 They don’t warn the people about coming trouble or tell them how dangerous it is to sin against me. 6 Those prophets lie by claiming they speak for me, but I have not even chosen them to be my prophets. And they still think their words will come true. 7 They say they’re preaching my messages, but they are full of lies—I did not speak to them!

"The Prophet Lied" is not a religious book, because the other poems are on love affairs, contemporary figures, politics, ways of life and other existential issues in Nigeria and the rest of the world.
The poems are dramatic, didactic and polemical with Chima's ironic sense of humour.

Chima previous book of original poetry, "Scarlet Tears of London" was inspired by the horrifying terrorist bombings in London on July 7, 2005. The poems are in English and Spanish, a language Chima says is the most dramatic and romantic language in the world.
He is Africa's most prolific blogger with millions of readers of his blogs. He is also an award winning publisher, filmmaker and lover of charities who is passionate about the education, protection and welfare of the underprivileged girls out of school in Nigeria.

Price: $354.92 + $ 54.68 shipping.
Import fees may apply at the end of the purchase.
Sold by Amazon USA and shipped by Amazon USA subject to the laws of the United States and shipped from that country. It can be gift wrapped.
Do you want to receive the order on Thursday, June 14? Buy it before 29 hours and 46 minutes and choose shipping in 2-4 days when you complete your order.

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