Saturday, June 9, 2018

90% of Nollywood Movies Bomb at the Box Office

90% of Nollywood Movies Bomb at the Box Office

When you look at the List of highest-grossing Nigerian films - Wikipedia, you will clearly see that majority of Nollywood movies flopped in the cinemas in Nigeria; including the movies that the directors and producers lied that they were hit movies.
How can a movie be a hit when it failed to make ordinary N5million that is less than US$20, 000!
How much was the budget?
Or did you not pay the cast and crew?

The scary reality is that only few filmmakers in Nollywood smile to the bank while the rest are biting their fingers and shaking their heads. No wonder, the numbers of movies made in Nigeria have reduced, because of the losses incurred by the filmmakers and their financiers.

Many of the movies end up sold to the cable TV channels and VOD platforms for peanuts and later end up on DVDs pirated on the streets of Nigeria.

Many of the movies flopped, because of poor marketing and mismanaged promotions. The producers often mistake making noise on social media networks for publicity which is cheap, but end up as failed social media campaigns. In fact, many of them think advertising their movies on the most popular celebrity gossip blog is enough to send thousands of people to watch their movies at the cinemas. They don't know that advertising on BRT public transport buses is more effective than on gossip blogs. And using Twitter is better than other social media outlets.

There are other advertising and marketing strategies that will attract thousands to the cinemas and will not cost a lot.
The advertising and marketing of a new movie start before the release and not later. In fact, it should start from the preproduction stage.

~By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima,
Publisher/Editor of the NOLLYWOOD MIRROR®Series

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