Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Video: University of Texas at Austin on Beyond Nollywood

Filmmakers and Audiences: Nollywood in Nigeria and Beyond
-Chair: Lisa Thompson, University of Texas at Austin

Auteuring Nollywood: Rethinking the Movie Director and the Idea of Creativity in the Nigerian Film Industry
-Adeshina Afolayan, University of Ibadan

Identifications, Discourses and Sense of Belonging in the Making and the Viewing of Nollywood
-Anouk Batard, University of Toulouse

Global Nollywood in Brazil
-Kamahra Ewing, Michigan State University

Nollywood Texas: Informal Networks and Diasporic Feelings
-Carmela Garritano, Texas A & M University

“Naija” in South Africa: Towards a Methodology to Examine African Diasporic Cultural Productions and Representations
-Olaocha Nwabara, Michigan State University.

By Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi
Hardcover, 154 Pages
Price: $70.00
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