Saturday, April 22, 2017

Nigeria's Orlando Martins and Ronald Reagan in The Hasty Heart

Nigeria's first Hollywood star, Orlando Martins with Ronald Reagan, Richard Todd, Patricia Neal in award winning war film, The Hasty Heart now available on DVD from Amazon Movies.

The film received one Academy Award nomination and won two Golden Globes.

On the last day of World War II, Scottish soldier Lachlan MacLachlan (Richard Todd) is shot in the lower back and needs to be treated at the local medical unit in Burma before he can return home. His stay is lengthened, however, and when his nurse (Patricia Neal) asks why, she learns that his wound is fatal. With the help of an American patient (Ronald Reagan), the staff and other patients at the hospital try to make the Scot's final days happy. But things get ugly when he learns the truth.

Ronald Reagan – Yank
Patricia Neal – Sister Margaret Parker
Richard Todd – Cpl. Lachlan "Lachie" MacLachlan, the Scot
Anthony Nicholls – Lieutenant Colonel Dunn
Howard Marion-Crawford – Tommy, the Englishman
Ralph Michael – Kiwi, the New Zealander
John Sherman – Digger, the Australian
Alfie Bass – Orderly
Orlando Martins – Blossom, the African
Robert Douglas – Off-Screen Narrator (uncredited)

Initial release: 2 December 1949.

Africa's first Hollywood star, Orlando Martins as "Blossom" the African represents all the African soldiers who fought in Burma (including my father, Sunday Eke of blessed memory).

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