Sunday, April 9, 2017

NOLLYWOOD RISING: From Home Video To the Big Screen

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"NOLLYWOOD RISING: From Home Video To the Big Screen" By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

This new book covers the genesis of Nollywood from the very first home videos produced in the 1980s before the first blockbuster "Living in Bondage" was made in 1992 to the big screen with the box office record breaking romantic comedy, "The Wedding Party" of 2016.

There are special highlights of the best Nollywood movies, famous Nollywood divas;  bestselling home videos, celebrated actors, prolific and award winning directors; producers and the best events making Nollywood the most phenomenal new film industry in the world.
In full colour of glossy paper, NOLLYWOOD RISING is a collector's item for all followers and lovers of Nollywood movies; movie buffs: filmmakers; film distributors; students; scholars and everyone else who loves beautiful and colourful books.

Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi | IndieWire

By Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi
Hardcover, 154 Pages
Price: $70.00
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