Sunday, March 26, 2017

Omoni Oboli's “Okafor’s Law” Copyright Infringement and the Rest of Us

Omoni Oboli's “Okafor’s Law” Copyright Infringement and the Rest of Us

The talk of the town in Nollywood is how a court injunction stopped the Nigerian premiere of Mrs. Omoni Oboli's movie "Okafor's Law" last Friday, following a lawsuit against it for copyright infringement by Canada based Nigerian screenwriter and filmmaker, Mr. Jude Idada, winner of AMAA best screenplay award, ANAA prize for Drama, Goethe Institut AfrikaProjekt prize and the first runner up of the NLNG Nigeria Prize for Literature.

Nigerians know how to cheat and lie; steal and kill and still use the name of Almighty God to fool the ignorant and gullible people.

This evil is common in Nigeria and Nollywood is where the producers whine about movie piracy, but many of them are guilty of violations of intellectual property.
There are many red herrings and shenanigans in Nollywood. These evils are doing more harm to the Nigerian film industry than piracy.

Jude Idada raised this matter of intellectual property theft since September last year, 2016, but the producers and sponsors of the movie ignored him with impunity when they would have addressed and resolved it before the premiere. Emotional cries and tears don't move God, except saying the truth.
Mrs. Omoni Oboli I once commended for having the best public relations in Nollywood should have known better than ignoring the smoke until the fire started. It is too late to cry.

Mrs. Omoni Oboli should beware of bad advisers and greedy profiteers who don't care about ethical principles, because they have no scruples.
Whoever advised her to ignore the complaint of Mr. Jude Idada since last year is a bad adviser.

There is scarcity of integrity in Corporate Nigeria.

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