Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Virgin Diary' - An Indian-American Crossover Movie by Nalin Singh

My Virgin Diary' - An Indian-American Crossover Movie, Soon to be a Big Hit: Director Nalin Singh
NEW DELHI, March 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -
Bollywood Actor and Director Nalin Singh is soon coming up with an Indo-American crossover movie, 'My Virgin Diary'. The movie shows the struggle of a few Indian boys, to form a musical band. The main protagonist locks himself inside a room, to introspect his subconscious mind. He tries to figure out as to why all his songs were anti-love in nature. Later, the musical band becomes popular, they become rich, yet they feel that they are not happy from within. Their search over love, life, relationship, sex and money starts.

The movie also shows few American girls, joining the Indian musical band, who have come to India to study music and learn about the Indian God 'Shiva'.

"I was at the mountains and then on the beaches of Goa, for months, before I clubbed my thoughts into a cinematic script," said Nalin Singh.

"Have you heard the colours speaking? Have you talked to the non-living objects? Has your third eye awakened? I will take you to the trance, make you fly in the sky and when you'll look down from the top, you will feel that the life you have been leading was a meaningless one," he added. "It took me four years to make this movie and mind it, it's very humorous too."

'My Virgin Diary' is scheduled to be released this year, on all major international digital platforms; it is subtitled in English for the western audiences.

Julia Stanny from Poland, Barbara Campagna  from Brazil, Mohit Mishra, Rakesh Choudhry, Anirudh Ganguli, Kritika Tanna and Hirday Singh from India are acting in this international Hindi movie.

'My Virgin Diary' is produced by 'NRAI Productions' which is an audio visual production house and a sister concern of NRAI School of Mass Communication.

About NRAI Productions
NRAI Productions owns an entertainment and lifestyle web portalhttp://www.cinematop10.com. It also owns a YouTube channel 'Bollywood news movies'. Apart from Producing movies and short films, it has recently ventured into radio production, ad films and radio jingles.

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