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Emofix Captures Selfies and Videos Without Touching Mobile Phones

EmoFix is a compact Bluetooth device of 3 x 3 cm of size, by using this device, people can capture selfies and videos without touching their mobile phones. It has a range of more than 30 feet. It is water proof with metal body so no damage even if dropped over hard surface. EmoFix doesn’t need any app to install and it works with all mobile phones.

If you’ve ever set a camera on a tripod, then made a mad dash to get yourself into the picture before the time goes off, then this is the technology device for you. Emofix is a remote that interacts with your Bluetooth device at a distance of up to 30 feet. It is water resistant, drop/abuse resistant, and takes a perfect picture every time.
Need a quick ID photo, but have no time to visit a professional photographer? Emofix has the answer. Want to take a pic of you skateboarding? No problem. Want to record the big game? Absolutely. Whatever your photo needs, Emofix can help your iphone camera capture the events of your life in living color. It can even allow your phone to function as a covert camera – should you have need of such a thing.

Emofix comes with a 2-year battery so you will have no worries about recharging or replacing it. The device is small – very portable – and can accompany you into almost any situation. You might not want to take your cell phone out during a rain storm, but Emofix can trigger its picture taking function to catch that impressive lightning strike or that big funnel forming up on the horizon. It can also allow you to set up your iphone to capture pictures for impromptu interviews or enrich your scrapbook of memorable moments. Imagine having pictures of that terrible time your boss threatened to fire you, or that beautiful moment when your significant other said, “I do.” Emofix can help your iphone to capture it all – with minimum fuss and bother.

Emofix might even help the elderly. Some studies have indicated that taking pictures of events, and playing them back can help patients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s with keeping track of their day, and even with remembering the people in their lives. They can set up their phone and use their Emofix to snap pictures of family events.

In fact, there is scarcely a person anywhere who would not enjoy having the perfect remote for their iphone. It is easy to carry in a pocket or on a keychain, so you always have it at hand, ready to connect to your Bluetooth enabled phone. You don’t need any downloadable software – Emofix connects directly to your Bluetooth device.
Whether you are recording and important event – such as receiving your diploma, or capturing the look on a sibling’s face when you pull off an unbelievable practical joke, Emofix can help your phone to record your life. It can even function as the best Selfie remote ever. User discretion and respect for others privacy is advised.

Emofix is designed with laconic style – you can hang it from a chain around your neck or dangle it from a keychain, and it will simply look like an ornament. It is made of a special metal alloy so that it survives being bumped or dropped. It can make using your phone to make quick photos or video where you want to be in the picture a breeze. Whatever your photo needs, Emofix can enable your phone to do it.

You can get an Emofix by participating in the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign or by visiting the Emofix homepage. There, you can sign up to receive information as the crowdfunding campaign develops. While you are there, take a look at the Emofix blog, which has great tips and information about selfies and other photos – ranging from how the selfie craze is sweeping the world to leads on some great software for editing and compiling your photos. Emofix doesn’t need added software to connect to your phone, but turning your pics into a best-selling memoir might take a little bit more work. You’ll find tips on turning your photo journey into something exciting that others will want to share – and might even pay money for.

The Emofix can be yours for a modest contribution of $19.00, providing you dash to the starting line. This is a limited offer – only 100 available at this price. But don’t worry; if you miss that one, you can get an Emofix for $29.00. The rewards range upward from there, including extra accessories, design choices, couples pack, family pack and more. The Emofix will probably retail at around $35.00, so you are getting in some great bargains by participating – especially if you catch the Early Bird special.

Emofix is a great little remote for your cell phone – unobtrusive, versatile and reliable. It goes everywhere, in all kinds of weather. Spread the word – if enough people enquire about Emofix giving you as a reference, you could even get your Emofix for free.

About: Emofix is a remote that could revolutionize your photo experience. It has an unobtrusive, fashionable design that allows it to be worn as an ornament or carried attached to a keychain.

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