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ABC's The View Showcases Nonprofit RUNWAY OF DREAMS' Modified Fashions for Disabled Kids

LIVINGSTON, N.J., May 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- THE VIEW is featuring today a Runway of Dreams fashion show in which differently-abled kids and teens model adaptive versions of popular fashions. The nonprofit organization also launched its first-ever Indiegogo campaign. Donations will enable the organization to create the modified product samples needed to further educate and engage mainstream fashion partners. The campaign can be accessed via

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"When we present adaptive clothing concepts to industry decision-makers they realize that meeting the unique fashion needs of the disabled community will not only introduce their brand to a large, loyal and untapped market, but also change the day-to-day life of millions of people," said Mindy Scheier, Runway of Dreams founder.

Mindy's son Oliver is the inspiration behind Runway of Dreams. Born with Rigid Spine Muscular Dystrophy – one of just 70 cases in the world – Oliver faces significant challenges getting dressed and is limited in what he can wear. As Oliver neared his pre-teens, Mindy realized, "Despite his physical differences, Oliver wants to be like everyone else. The right clothes can make a big difference."

Through surveys and focus groups, Runway of Dreams learned that wearing fashionable, adaptive clothing empowers kids, while also enabling them to embrace their differences. Parents also expressed excitement over the anticipated benefits of mainstream adaptive fashions – from an easier time getting their child dressed, to the convenience of shopping for adaptive versions of popular brands at major retailers.

The fashions worn in today's runway show on The View highlight various techniques Runway of Dreams is using to modify branded clothing, including magnetic closures to accommodate children with limited muscle strength, leg braces and missing limbs; adjustable pant lengths for wheelchair-bound individuals, including Diesel-brand model Jillian Mercado; and shirred pant legs and sleeves for those with shorter limbs.

"We are already in talks with some major apparel companies," continued Mindy. "Our Indiegogo campaign will enable us to create more adaptive samples to demonstrate the broader range of ways in which their branded fashions can be modified for the differently-abled community."

Indiegogo perks, which range from $15 to $2,000, include a simple yet heartfelt 'thank you' from Mindy's team; Runway of Dreams-branded shirts and customized Inspyr socks; lunch with Mindy Scheier and Jillian Mercado, a Diesel-brand model and Runway of Dreams Ambassador; and a fashion design internship. The organization aims to raise $50,000 during the six-week campaign.

About Runway of Dreams

Runway of Dreams, based in Livingston, NJ, is a not-for-profit collaborating with the fashion industry to adapt mainstream clothing lines with wearable technology for differently-abled children and teens. "A child or teen with physical disabilities actually doesn't regard himself or herself as different than other children," says founder Mindy Scheier. "Our goal is to reinforce the normalcy of their day-to-day life by inspiring designers to modify their collections so this community can find functional, fashionable and affordable apparel at major retailers." For more information visit

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