Friday, November 23, 2012

Why Do Nigerian Guys Think Short Girls Are Easier To Date?

Only men with low IQ think women are nothing more than sex objects.
~ Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

Nigerian guys often rush to ask short girls out than tall girls. They think short girls are easier to date.
Not that they are afraid of dating tall girls, but they think tall girls have an attitude of being aloof.
I have seen this playing out over the years as I discovered and managed models in Lagos.
The short girls feel inferior to the tall girls even though they deny it. But you always see their nervousness in the company of tall girls.
Many Omega males, low literate Nigerian men like the low literate street guys call Area Boys in Lagos and the low literate traders easily accost short girls and women, but don't do so when they see tall girls.

I have been seeing more short girls in Nigeria these days and I am wondering if Nigerian girls have stopped growing taller or what could be the cause of their stunted growth?

The Alpha and Beta males often use their male chauvinism to intimidate short girls and low literate poor girls, but keep a safe distance and act with caution when they are approaching tall girls and frankly they regard and treat tall girls and women with more respect than the short girls. In fact, when guys see you with a tall girl, they hail you with thumbs up, but when they see you with short girls, they are not so impressed.
The tall girls can cherry pick their eligible boyfriends and bachelors while short girls are left to compete for the available guys around or Average Joe guys. That is why you see short girls tripping for tall guys to date and mate with than short guys. And the short guys are most desperate to impress short girls before they lose them to the tall macho guys. But there are short girls who also avoid dating tall guys, because they think they cannot keep them for long. So, it would be safer to settle with short guys in town.

Short men also prefer dating tall women to boost their male ego.

Salman Rushdie & Pia Glenn: It's not the first time that celebrated author Salman Rushdie dated younger as well as taller women! First it was model Padma Lakshmi and now it is Broadway actress Pia Glenn who is 6 feet tall.

Again, short girls should avoid dating shorty guys if they don't want to end up with pigmies and dwarfs later when they get married and your short children will blame you for your wrong choices in procreation.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

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