Friday, November 16, 2012

The Future of Print is Netpage

The Future of Print is Netpage

Newsweek has left the print for the internet and I said that was a mistake, because they should have gone to Netpage as Esquire has done with its 80-year old print title.
What does Netpage do?

Netpage is the app for paper that makes the entire surface of a magazine page you can clip articles, play a video, and buy stuff, right from the page without any codes, watermarking or special printing process.

High Reader Engagement
Netpage enables publishers to offer 100% interactive magazines, transforming print from a static to a social experience. Every article, photo, and ad - anything the user wants -- on every page, can be clipped, saved, and shared instantly, through social media.

The Result:
is high reader engagement. Readers get exactly the kinds of interaction they most enjoy: being able to share, save, and engage with great content just the ways they like.

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