Sunday, November 4, 2012

Love and Happiness

The greatest pursuit of love is happiness.
And where there is no love, there is no happiness no matter how you pretend.
Love is the key that opens the door into happiness.
If you are in relationship and you are not happy then get rid of whatever is making you feel bad and sad in the relationship.
Imagine being in a relationship and yet you are feeling depressed?
Don't keep it to yourself, because doing so will only worsen your depression.
Open up to share your feelings with the person you are in relationship with no matter how bad and don't be afraid to say the truth.
The irony of keeping secrets is the fears you always have of being discovered and then the predicament would be worse.

“Too much anger, too much hatred. Affection, compassion, the sense of community, honesty, truthfulness—these are the key elements to counter mental unhappiness.” — XIV Dalai Lama

“It really has to do with taking care of other people, and doing things for others rather than yourself.” — George Lucas

“The reality is, we can change. We can change ourselves. We can change our minds. We can change our hearts… and therefore the Universe changes.” — Richard Gere

Happiness is a universal quest. But what does it really mean? In this award-winning documentary, youth from three continents interview George Lucas, Richard Gere and neuroscientist Richard Davidson on the nature of lasting happiness. Then, they travel to India for an unforgettable private audience with the XIV Dalai Lama. Through their eyes, gain a new perspective on how to expand happiness and live a meaningful life. Authentic happiness is not only possible – it’s closer than you think.

The following are the words of Al Green's song of the same title.

Love and happiness
Something that can, make you do wrong
Make you do right, love
Love and happiness
Wait a minute something's going wrong
Someone's on the phone
Three o'clock in the morning
Talkin' about, how she can make it right
Well, happiness is when
You really feel good, about somebody
Nothing wrong with being in love with someone
Oh baby, love and happiness
(Love and happiness)
Love and happiness
(Love and happiness)
Love and happiness
(Love and happiness)
Love and happiness
You be good to me
I'll be good to you
We'll be together
We'll see each other
Walk away with victory
Oh baby, love and happiness
(Love and happiness)
Love and happiness
(Love and happiness)
Make you do right,
love'll make you do wrong
Make you come home early
Make you stay out all night long
The power of love
Wait a minute, let me tell you, about the power
The power of love, power, power
Make you do right, love'll make you do wrong
Love and happiness
Love and happiness
Love and happiness
Love and happiness
Make you want to dance, love and happiness
Love is, wait a minute
Love is, walkin' together, talkin' together
Say it again, say it together

Randy Taran was so concerned that she travelled from North America to India and Nigeria to find out how and what people do to be happy and produced a film on the answers to her questions directed by John Sorenson.

Randy Taran's Project Happiness is a feature length documentary film which follows a senior high school class from Mount Madonna School near Watsonville, California, on a journey to discover the true nature of human happiness. Joining them on this quest are students from the Tibetan Children’s Village in Dharamsala, India, and students from the Dominion Heritage Academy in Jos, Nigeria.

The Nigerian premiere of Project Happiness and will be shown at the 3rd Eko International Film Festival on Friday November 9, 2012, at the Silverbird Galleria on Victoria Island, Lagos, with a red carpet reception in the atrium from 5 pm.

So, you are welcome to join us as we share the precious moments of knowing ourselves, meeting ourselves and building new or reinforcing relationships in mutual love and happiness.

I will be there with all my sweethearts and others to welcome you with hugs and kisses.

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