Yes. Size Matters. The Bigger the Better

How important is penis size? For women, it’s AS IMPORTANT as height found the scientific journal, Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences. The study used computer generated imagery to test the affects of penis size variations relative to height and torso size. They used these factors to measure the attractiveness of the male body to women.

For natural selection, size really did matter back in the day. Women chose partners with bigger genitalia because it increased their chances of getting pregnant. Men with larger penises had a better advantage of clearing out sperm from previous mates. Evolutionally, this preoccupation with size lingers in the human psyche. Cultures still view large phalluses as a sign of general health and vigor.

You can’t deny there is a universal unspoken obsession with size, but is it mainly for men or women? The obsession for men lays in their desire to attract and retain a partner, but another study shows that women actually prefer just a slightly larger then average penis size. The final conclusion? Size is all relative to your body and proportions, but female choice is definitely the driving force behind this obsession with size.



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