Saturday, July 29, 2017

Husband Controller

Husband Controller
A man brought his wife to the church years ago. He said in a shaking voice, “My wife needs deliverance.” One way or the other, he had discovered that this woman was openly being unfaithful to him.  .And in those days, we didn’t know all we know now about deliverance. We were ready to pray for anything. If you brought a goat then, we would pray for the goat, we never asked questions. So as soon as he said his wife needed deliverance, we began to pray. We bound, we loosed, we prayed in tongues, we prayed in understanding. We did everything we knew, but nothing happened.
When we were tired, we ask, “Ah, ah, God what else do we do? This woman has refused to be delivered, what is going on?”
God said, “Have you asked her if she wants deliverance?”
So we asked the woman, “Woman, do you want deliverance?”
She said, “No.”
Why? Why not?
She said, “The power I use to control my husband, do you want me to lose it?” She continued, “Ask him, he is the one who drives me to my boyfriend’s house while he sits in the car to wait for me. I will go upstairs to find pleasure with my boyfriend. When I finish, I  come down and he will drive me home. Do you want me to lose that power?"

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