Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Seven Names of Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Majority of those who know the most famous African evangelist, Pastor E. A. Adeboye don't know that he has seven names! And one of his names is Sunday.
Enoch, Elisha, Sunday, Adejare, Adetona, Olagundoye, Adeboye.

Stories of Pastor E. A. Adeboye: The Power of Testimony.

This book of some of the testimonies of one of the greatest servants of God in this generation is worth reading and learning from.

Foreword by Professor Yemi Osinbajo (Pastor Prof).
Acting President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Pastor E.A. Adeboye, a man revered by millions across the world as a true man of God, is a great believer in the power of testimony. He himself is a living testimony of the power of God. His sermons always contain stories about how people have experienced the power of Our Lord Jesus Christ in their lives. This book is a collection of those testimonies, which reads like his biography -right from his birth in Ifewara in strange circumstances to the present moment.

The subjects covered include The RCCG, Faith, Salvation, Miracles, Marriage, Fruit of the womb, Temptation, Unforgiveness, the dark world of Power and Principalities, amongst many others. Mixed in with them is the fascinating story of Pastor Adeboye himself and how, having been born again, he rose from debilitating depravation to become the famous and much-loved leader of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, which has massive visible presence in 184 countries.

A must-read account of an amazing man and his lifelong devotion to spreading the Word of God.

The book is available at Glendora Bookshops, CSS, Laterna, CRM at the Redemption Camp, Bookseller along Olumo Road near the Mountain of Fire and  Miracles Ministries (MFM) Church in Onike, Yaba and mong others; and efforts are on to supply some more bookshops.

For readers outside Nigeria, the book has been published on Amazon Kindle on "Stories of Pastor E. A. Adeboye: The Power of Testimony": kindle.
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