Sunday, July 30, 2017

"She Comes On Sundays" and One Hour Interview On the BBC Radio

"She Comes On Sundays" and One Hour Interview On the BBC Radio

I have produced two singles. But I never released them commercially. I composed them as works of Art for performance. The first one "Hardway To Broadway" was recorded on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, California when I was 21 and loved rock music and had black and white girlfriends who loved rock music.

I was a romantic Roman Catholic youth who was as naughty as smooching a girlfriend in between the pews inside the church. Seal's hit song "Crazy" comes to mind.
"Hardway To Broadway" was fully copyrighted under my name Mike Nelson Chima Eke with a copy in Library of Congress, 101 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20540, USA. But before, I could be lost, I became Born Again in a Pentecostal church. Bye, bye to my dreams of rock and roll and Hollywood. But in 2003, after successfully directing my play "Sleepless Night" at the French Cultural Centre in Ikoyi, featuring Segun Adefila and his Crown Troupe of Africa and the narrator was the highly gifted actor, Funso Alabi of blessed memory; I composed and produced another single, "She Comes On Sundays" using a group of three young guys who sang a popular hit song, "Chinyere" and performed at Miss Moremi beauty pageant of the University of Lagos in 2001. Their rendition of the song was good enough for the BBC Radio to play it during a one hour interview on my performance poetry. And I gave the master copy to the BBC Radio for keeps. The song was based on a true life experience in romance with a girlfriend who always visited on Sundays after church.

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