Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How To Stop the Piracy of Nollywood and Kannywood Movies

I know whenever any particular movie is pirated.
I knew when the highest grossing Nigerian movie was pirated online the same month of the theatrical release. But the producers, distributors and exhibitors preferred to be ignorant and fixated on the bragging rights instead of stopping the #piracy of their movie on the internet and from the internet to the street.

The fact is; they don't have the expertise, but they pretend they do to the public and recently posturing to the The National Film Video Censors Board (NFVCB) that lacks the competence, experience and expertise in the control and prevention of movie piracy.
The technology of movie piracy is beyond Alaba International Market and hawkers of pirated movies on the streets of Lagos and other cities in Nigeria and the neighbouring countries. It is high tech and only experts in cyber security can tackle it successfully.

According to the reports from MUSO with the data of visits to 14,000 of the largest global piracy websites from 226 countries. In total, the company recorded 141 billion visits to pirate sites last year.

MUSO is the number one company that has the latest technology for the control and prevention of IP piracy in whatever media applicable.

The following information from MUSO and the four steps to stop the piracy of any movie from VdoCipher will be enough for the protection of Nigerian movies  from the most elusive pirates worldwide.
Real-time piracy alerts
Has your film leaked? Is it already easily available online from piracy hubs? Are audiences finding the content you want them to find?
MUSO’s Piracy Alerts service provides daily alerts on piracy levels for your film. Simply complete the short form below to start your free service.
Movie and TV anti-piracy solution for film producers | MUSO

How To Stop Online Movie Piracy in Four Steps
~ By Milan Gupta, from Jack Sparrows at

There are multiple ways in which videos, including movies, are downloaded and illegally distributed. Channels for downloading and sharing of movies are both social and technical. The social aspects involve people authorized to download the content illegally, thereby initiating the sharing process. This can only be stopped by implementing strict cybersecurity protocols within the distribution channel, so that people with access to videos can be held accountable for the information.

As for technical reasons, I’ll go through the stages that your video file goes through, to see where the video is vulnerable to being downloaded and shared. Your video file goes through:

Hosting video in the cloud service: You may wish to configure Amazon AWS on your own, or opt for an online video platform that has configured its own cloud setup. It is important that while the file is in the cloud that your content is not vulnerable to download. For this reason it is important that the link is private, and that the file is stored in an encrypted manner
Streaming video from server to media player - In this process the server communicates with the media player, streaming the video content. At this stage it is possible for a third-party source to capture the incoming video and download it. Such a third-party source may be unauthorized (for example man-in-the-middle attacks), or they may be authorized by the user (for example third-party plugins such as Internet Download Manager). The way to secure your movie from download at this stage is to encrypt the stream, ensuring that only the authorized viewer with the key for decryption are able to view the media.
Key transfer/ Authentication - The authentication process is the stage in which the media player and the media server exchange keys for decrypting the stream. If the key-exchange mechanism is public then the third-party plugins can also access the keys and therefore decrypt the video stream. Backend authentication between the player API and the video server ensures that there is a direct channel between the two, and that only the authorized media player can decrypt the video stream.

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