Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The First Plague of Swarms of Locusts Recorded in Motion Picture

In 1930, explorer Paul Hoefler led a safari into central Africa and what was then called the Belgian Congo, in the regions inhabited by the Wassara and the famous Ubangi tribes. And they witnessed for the first time an invasion by millions of locusts and they became the first filmmakers to capture the awesome sight in motion picture.

They were even reciting the verses from Exodus 10 as written by Prophet Moses in the Holy Bible.
This is a must see.

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Majority of Christians and those who have read the Holy Bible are familiar with the great plague of Swarm of Locusts that invaded Egypt to force Ramesses II, third Pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt to submit to Prophet Moses and let the Jews leave (Exodus 10). So, an invasion of billions of locusts from the skies is not fiction or a myth. Recent invasions by swarms of locusts happened in Africa in 2004 and 2007.

According to the National Geographic:
A desert locust swarm can be 460 square miles (1,200 square kilometers) in size and pack between 40 and 80 million locusts into less than half a square mile (one square kilometer).

Each locust can eat its weight in plants each day, so a swarm of such size would eat 423 million pounds (192 million kilograms) of plants every day.


The report of an earlier plague of locusts in Kenya said the estimated density was 50 million “individuals” per half a square mile giving a total number of 10 billion locusts in that swarm. (See Book of Insect Records)

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