Sunday, August 7, 2016

Amazon Publishes "Lagos in Motion" Travelogue Within 24 Hours of Submission

Amazon Books published "Lagos in Motion" Photo Book Within 24 Hours of Submission
LAGOS in MOTION: A Photo Album of Africa's Largest Megacity

Lagos in Motion Photo Documentary On Africa's Largest Megacity is a must have for everyone who wants to know more about the most dynamic city in Africa and the heartbeat of the continent.

This is Lagos in 2016, the Golden Jubilee of Lagos State.
The Lagos, the famous architect, Rem Koolhaas called "an exploding city" in his Harvard Project on the City for one of the first groundbreaking interactive documentary films.
What is the Brazilian connection to Lagos?
What happened to the Brazilian Quarters in Lagos?
Why did the Portuguese explorers name it after their famous Lagos in Portugal?
What is the "Conspiracy of Lagos"?

See the "never say die" Igbo Obioma itinerant street tailor still in business since the 1970s to date and featured in a documentary for the first time.
See the Hausa "Mai Ruwa" street water supplier on the move.
See the white woman jogging and striding alone on the road in Ikoyi.
See the happy millennials having fun at the shopping malls and unwinding at the beach.
See the Mountain of Fire and Miracles (MFM) Sunday Market for the first time in a documentary.

This is the photo book of the "Lagos in Motion' documentary film by Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, the leading writer on Nollywood, Publisher/Editor of the NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® series and one of the most popular travel reviewers on Trip Advisor who has been living and working in Lagos since he was born in the city. And he has been to every part of the megacity named one of the 100 Resilient Cities in the world.

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