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Rent A Tesla Model X For $10 An Hour And $150 For The Weekend

Rent A Tesla Model X For $10 An Hour And $150 For The Weekend With Green Commuter's Thrilling Indiegogo Campaign

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Green Commuter the innovative clean energy company, just launched a thrilling Indiegogo campaign which gives early adopters the terrific opportunity to rent a Tesla Model X with monthly packages starting at $10 an hour during weekdays. Green Commuter is also offering a $25 'pay as you go membership' for people who want to become car share members and use the Tesla Model X sporadically. This perk waives annual membership fees and allows rental of $18 an hour with no monthly commitments.

Weekend packages offered at $100 per weekend rental are sold out. Remaining weekend packages are offered at $150 and $200 with 3 and 5 weekend packages offered at $525 and $750 respectively, until quantities last.

Drivers who want to rent the car on weekdays will pay just $100/month for 8 hours of driving during the month, with a minimum rental period of one hour. Monday through Friday, in the Tesla Model X. This will be a lifetime rate as long as they continue to pay monthly with no lapses. If they need more time, they will be charged $12.50/hour. When the campaign reaches 200 members, 'Weekdays' plan members will receive an extra ½ hour credit. If the campaign reaches its goal of 400 members in this category everyone earns another ½ hour – for a total of 9 hours a month. The roll-out of the packages will begin in December 2016. Drivers can also choose the Weekdays Plus package which provides 25 hours per month of driving for $250.

"Unlike other campaigns, our perks do away with the useless swag and actually make use of our model. Every perk offers a killer deal for our signature car sharing service, which utilizes the Tesla Model X. If you want to support a business that reduces traffic, greenhouse gas emissions and commuting costs in the most stylish of ways, opt for the modestly priced donation perk off $25 and help us reach a city near you," said Green Commuter CEO Gustavo Occhiuzzo.

Green Commuter's proprietary software will enable its fleet of all-electric seven-passenger SUVs to be used by thousands of workers to commute to and from their jobs during rush hour and will be offered as a car share for all Green Commuter members who sign up through the Indiegogo campaign, the rest of the time.

"Angelino's understand traffic and care about the environment. We offer a premium all-electric Indiegogo car sharing campaign that's affordable. Gasoline vanpool vehicles are very polluting, usually with ratings from 12 to 18 MPG in real life driving conditions so we're the first to use only zero-emissions vehicles instead," said Green Commuter CEO Gustavo Occhiuzzo.

Occhiuzzo chose the Tesla Model X for the Green Commuter program because it is the only all-electric vehicle currently available that meets vanpool criteria, including seating for seven passengers and a battery capacity sufficient for long-range driving. The vehicle was also ideal for car sharing because of its appeal to users who would use it for travel with friends and family around town or popular nearby weekend destinations, such as Las Vegas, Palm Springs and San Diego.

"Our goal is to provide a great vanpool and car share experience which is affordable, desirable and sustainable. We're starting in Los Angeles, one of the most forward thinking cities in the country, but one that has great environmental challenges and congestion issues. Our members will experience a better commute or a great car sharing experience in one of the most exciting, advanced cars on the road -- the Tesla Model X, while reducing their carbon footprint and alleviating congestion on our roads."

About Green Commuter Green Commuter has developed an innovative system that will utilize a fleet of 100% zero-emission vehicles to provide a combined service of vanpool, public car sharing and employer fleet replacement. As an entrepreneurial, socially minded and passionate group based in Los Angeles, Green Commuter's goal is to help alleviate traffic, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and decrease the cost of commuting and mobility. Green Commuter is a minority-woman-owned small business and Benefit Corporation.
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