Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How Screen Naija Will Promote Nigerian Movies for Nigerian Cinemas

Screen Naija Will Promote Nigerian Movies for Nigerian Cinemas

The new OTT Internet TV, Screen Naija on YouTube will soon be on YouTube Red 24 hours daily once the premium partnership agreement is completed.
Now See The Big Picture.
Screen Naija will be the best and most profitable online platform for Nigerian filmmakers and their target audiences worldwide for VOD, AVOD and SVOD.
Filmmakers should earn more than what they currently being paid by other OTT online videos platforms.

Screen Naija will be on the iPost Nigeria app that was the only Nigerian internet innovation shortlisted for the 2014 FIRE Awards in Africa.

AVOD services will make over US$7 billion in 2016 and will overtake SVOD in revenues worldwide before 2020..
The key to the success of any OTT online video platform is the social media and the social media also drives more human traffic to cinemas.

Nigerian cinemas would have made thrice more than what they have made so far if the operators have social media publicity plans and budgets. But unfortunately, they don't have effective social media platforms to connect with more than 100 million Nigerians on the internet and they have been losing millions of dollars for failing to attract millions of Nigerians to their cinemas.

It is embarrassing to go to cinemas in Nigeria and see more people in the movies than the audience watching them.
I have seen even only three people watching an American hit movie at a popular cinema in Lagos, because majority of people in town did not know the movie was running at the cinemas.
Nigerian film distributors and exhibitors think spending US$2000 to advertise their movies is too much! And they want to make millions of dollars?
No wonder no Nigerian movie has made US$1 million from the box office since 2004 to date!
The number of cinemas in Nigeria at the moment should be enough to have 1 million movie goers within 12 months if the distributors and exhibitors know how to use the social media and news media to publicise their movies.
And can we have a Nigerian Fandango?
Yes, we can!

The news media determines the success of the entertainment industry. Failure to invest in the news media which now includes the social media is a major reason for 90% of Nigerian movies flopping at the cinemas.

Screen Naija will use OTT services online to promote Nigerian movies for Nigerian cinemas as it is happening in America, China, Japan, India, UK and the other big film markets.

Seeing a movie on the big silver screen is still an awesome experience that is more captivating and exciting than viewing a movie on a small smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

We are still saying:See The Big Picture!

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