Thursday, August 18, 2016

EVE Skincare To Honor Women Who Are #MoreThanSkinDeep

EVE Skincare To Honor Women Who Are #MoreThanSkinDeep
Beauty Brand to Choose Women Who Exemplify Beauty, Not Only in Appearance, But in Passion and Accomplishment

SYDNEY, Aug. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- EVE Skincare, the beauty brand specializing in repair and renewal with it's unique Skin Rejuvenation Kit, knows that beauty is more than skin deep. With this mantra in mind, EVE Skincare will celebrate some of the most passionate go-getters and daring up-and-coming women, who, in their respective fields, prove that their beauty is truly more than skin deep. 12 women in the United States who encompass this ideal will be featured weekly by EVE Skincare through EVE Skincare's social media channels to promote their accomplishments, lifestyles, attitudes, and inner and outer beauty.

These EVE Skincare ambassadors, whose passions sometimes take a toll on their skin, will begin a journey to repair, renew and refresh with the EVE Skincare Rejuvenation Kit while sharing with the world what makes their beauty more than skin deep. These profiles will show the creativity, drive and zeal these women have for their chosen careers and the challenges they may face daily with their skin. Visit for direct links to follow the hashtag #MoreThanSkinDeep. Internet users will be the first to know who has been chosen on August 18, 2016 and can follow along with each woman profiled. 

"We are so proud to champion these amazing women for their devotion to their careers and passion for life and are extremely honored to be part of their journey," said Paul Brenchley, Managing Director of EVE Skincare. "We know the ease and effectiveness of our Rejuvenation Kit will be a great fit into their daily lives."

About EVE SkincareThe Sydney, Australia based EVE Skincare brings a revolution in natural skin care with it's Skin Rejuvenation Bar, a daily 2 minute spa treatment that works with nature and not against human biology. The formulation of solid lotion in the form of a bar is simple, luxurious and transforming. EVE is formulated to repair and protect skin while minimizing the effects of aging and is created with all-natural,100% therapeutic grade ingredients like lowland moor and Mānuka honey.
Now available in over 35 countries, the EVE Skincare difference speaks for itself with one application that works around the clock to rejuvenate and reverse daily damage to skin.
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