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The Next Generation Of On-Demand Mobile Services Revolutionizes The Beauty Industry


The LISA App Launches to Provide Convenience to Consumers and Career Empowerment for Service Providers
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LISA gives people the beauty services they want where, when and how they want them, at a price that suits them from licensed and certified artists in your area.

PR Newswire, CHICAGO, Ill. – January 11, 2016
Launching today, LISA is the first mobile application that matches consumers to beauty service providers (artists) in real-time, allowing them each to set their own prices and meet wherever and whenever is most convenient through a geo-specific locator.

Going above and beyond existing beauty scheduling apps, LISA will shake up the industry through its open marketplace platform where service providers and clients have the freedom to connect on their own terms, agree to services and fees, and transact business all through the easy-to-use mobile platform. In that spirit, LISA believes anyone who makes people look and feel beautiful deserves to be called an artist. Currently, LISA features profiles of more than 2,000 licensed and certified Chicagoland artists, and plans to expand nationwide in the next 18 months.

Robert Richmond, founder and CEO of the new platform, created LISA after years of watching his wife, Lisa Nation, and other industry artists struggle to manage and profit from their services under current market conditions. “Artists need and deserve more control over what they do and how they do it,” said Richmond. “Motivated by my wife, Lisa, and very much in tribute to her, our team has created a platform that enables artists to better manage their business, make more money from their extraordinary skills and gain more freedom and flexibility in their work.”

How LISA Works
Want a manicure within the hour? Need a quick shave or haircut before presenting? Or maybe scheduling monthly haircuts, manicures and skin treatments at home or at the office is incredibly convenient for busy lifestyles. For these and hundreds of scenarios, LISA provides the flexibility and convenience for both the consumer and the artist that include:
  • Connecting artists and clients by using a geo-specific locator and advanced customization features where both the artist and client can set their preferences for services based on profile, rating, price, location and availability.
  • Ability to schedule services ‘on-demand’ (within one hour of the request) or for a future time and date.
  • Secure and convenient payments that are automatically charged to a credit card through each user’s profile, with the availability to tip through a cashless system.
  • Artists and users will rate each other after the service is performed through a double-rating system. Reviews are public and anonymous and can only be left by clients or artists who have worked with each other.
“Artists like me can focus more on making people handsome and beautiful and less on business management,” said Ashley Condron, one of the thousands of artists signed up to use the LISA app. “The platform also includes insurance for me as a service provider, which is unique in our industry.”
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Built-in safety features through a partnership with Lifeline Response, a mobile security monitoring safety feature, allow clients and artists easy and instant access to alert authorities if they encounter any uncomfortable situation.

“No other beauty service scheduling app offers all of the features LISA provides,” said Bob Chow, LISA Chief Operating Officer. “This platform was built with convenience, flexibility and safety in mind, offering artists an open marketplace to run their businesses.”

Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2014, the U.S. beauty industry is comprised of more than one million beauty professionals earning a median annual wage of $23,120. They often earn less than half of what the clients pay for services, as salons can keep between 45 and 60 percent of service fees. LISA was built on the principle of artists retaining more of their earned income.

“LISA was built for and by artists. Through LISA, artists can empower themselves as entrepreneurs and transform their careers,” said Richmond. “We strive to help both artists and salon owners. Within the coming months, the platform is committed to launching new features, including ways to decrease the amount of salon booths that sit empty each day and ways to send those artists on house calls.”

LISA is available for free download on both the iOS and Android operating systems in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. New artists can join the 2,000, and growing, list of service providers by visiting

LISA is the first mobile application that connects clients to artists in the beauty industry by allowing them to schedule high-quality personal services whenever and wherever they want them, at any price that suits their budget. LISA was founded on the principle that artists in the beauty industry deserve greater life freedom and flexibility, and a higher percentage of financial profits from their work. The platform launched in Chicago in January 2016, with plans to expand nationwide. For more information, visit, like LISA on Facebook, or follow @TheLisaApp on Twitter and Instagram.

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