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New Years' Treat As Oskar G. Set To Release Three Singles from Debut Album

New Years' treat as Oskar G. set to release three singles from debut album
The newly-signed Muks Entertainment artist gets ready to share his musical masterpieces 

DALLAS, Jan. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Fresh from signing with Muks Entertainment, hip hop artist Oskar G. plans to release the first three singles from his debut album, Home Town.

Ooh Yeah, Catch Fire and It's Gonna Be A No – written with and produced by founder of Muks Entertainment, Fredy Muks – were mixed by multi-platinum award winning audio engineer Irko Sera, who's worked with Jay-Z, Kanye West and Pitbull, and feature singer/songwriter Shannon Brown and A.D. Bay Bay, who has been performing with Oskar G. for the past six years.

Recorded at the renowned Kitchen Studio Dallas, the music is a testament to the rapper's unique hip-hop style, which incorporates his Latino background into complex rhyme schemes, diverse rap patterns and vivid lyrical imagery – inspiration he derives from Eminem, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and Pitbull.

Vicki, @OnAirWithVicki, from The New Hot 93.3 says: "When I listen to Oskar G's singles, the energy is definitely there. Not only does he sound so natural, but you can tell he really loves the craft, what he does and what he wants his listeners and his fans to feel.

"Ooh Yeah makes me want to throw my hands up in the air and have my windows down in the car. It's definitely going to be something that changes your life."

Ooh Yeah, Catch Fire and It's Gonna Be A No are set for release on 1/16/2016. You can listen to the teasers Catch Fire and It's Gonna Be A No and check out the official Ooh Yeah video.

About Muks Entertainment
Muks Entertainment is a Dallas-based Entertainment Company focused on producing music, television, multi-media products, and events founded by international, multi-genre producer Fredy Muks. Muks Entertainment's mission is to produce original entertainment through multi-media products and services. The tone of their work is a celebration of life and people. In pursuit of this, the company looks to engage in mutually beneficial relationships and promote people and projects that result in positive impacts to culture, community, individuals, and the entertainment industry. In addition to developing products and providing services, Muks Entertainment reinvests in communities through charitable contributions and initiatives. Visit us at and contact Katy D at for inquiries about artists or the company.

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