Saturday, January 9, 2016

Are You the Next Nigerian Movie Star?

We have an exclusive chance for a very pretty photogenic model for a cameo in our "Sights and Sounds of Lagos" series.
She must be either a brilliant student or a graduate who must be a God fearing Christian with good character.
She must be tall. And should be articulate (fluent in English grammar), confident and with good carriage.
She must know fashion trends from Lagos to London to Paris to Milan and to NYC.

First appearance is this month, before January 30.
The successful model will also have the opportunity to act in the series.
She will have radio and TV interviews and highlighted on the most popular entertainment blogs.
She will also make guest appearances at red carpet events.
She must be ready to be an international star.
(NO AGENTS). We work with models directly.
Lest we forget, models who bleach need not apply.
We don't want "Fanta face and Coca Cola body" complexion.

For references of our reputation, search Google for Nigerian premiere of "Girl Rising" in 2013, "He Named Me Malala" in Nigeria and Nollywood Mirror. We have done social media promos for Apple, Xiaomi, GTBank, Address Resorts, Emirates, Ariel, EbonyLife TV, Ark Entertainment, Transerve Disc Technologies Limited, Ekulo Group, Bozac Group, Iceslides, Afrinolly, etc.

Email:, including your bio profile and three of your best most recent photographs showing a portrait of you smiling, another portrait not smiling and a full length pose.

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