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Hollywood Swag Bag Four Seasons Hotel Gift Bag for SAG Award Nominees 2016

Hollywood Swag Bag Four Seasons Hotel Gift Bag for SAG Award Nominees 2016
Brands love getting their products into the hands of the high profile nominees. For many a tweet from a celebrity can skyrocket their company to the next level .

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Jan. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Shrine Auditorium will be the venue for the SAG Awards on Saturday. Nominees will be receiving gift bags from Hollywood Swag Bag in the comfort of their hotel rooms. Saoirse Ronan, Eddie Redmayne, and the cast of The Revenant, to name just a few, will all be receiving Hollywood Swag Bags.

Many of the recipients will tweet their favorite goodies during the weekend celebrations. The brand Lug will hold the entire collection of Swag in their various styles.

Hollywood Swag Bag loves marketing for both large and small brands. Brands such as Kiehl's will provide gift cards as well as selections from their product line.  Larger brands need to keep their brands featured and relevant at all times.  Awards show marketing and gifting is a way to accomplish that.  Rob Lowe's new line Profile4Men and their men's grooming products are also featured in the bag.

Toast Vodka, a fairly new brand, has prominent placement in the bag, featured on the credenza in the talent rooms.
Drink Neuro is also gaining prominent placement in the hotel suite with their entire line of Drinks to "make things better."

Quest Nutrition is providing both bars and protein powder in cookies and cream flavor.

Seasnax is another favorite of celebrity gifting and is offering a variety of products from their line.

Garden of Life will keep our nominees healthy with their Vitamin C spray. Go Puck is gifting compact wearable power solutions for mobile devices.  Adopted NYC has sent all of the nominees their gorgeous leather cell phone wraps.  Cold-EEZE knows that it is the perfect time of year for two of their most popular formulas.  Another brand capitalizing on the winter season is Walton Wood Farm and their hand salve called Winter's a B*tch.

Heartwood Creations is gifting the nominees with their wood creations for hidden keepsakes.

Brands from out of the country contact Hollywood Swag Bag for their services. Nuvsio from Canada is gifting their Active Mineral Facial treatment. Cold Brew Kitchen is offering their wonderful cold brew coffee. For the celebrity that loves to tan, Way Too Tan is offering their high-end self-tanning lotion.

Smaller brands that want to get on the map with their products also are taking part in gifting the celebrities as well. Susansnaps a one-of a kind gingersnap cookie company from Georgia is gifting the nominees their local treats.

Move Makeup from Little Rock, AK has created a formula for the women with sensitive skin. Shannon L. Arrant has created an amazing line of accessories called Tatterdemalion. Billy Lowe, Celebrity stylist is showcasing his famous product Gloss & Toss perfect for the red carpet for a gorgeous shiny mane.

Made With a Mission Candles is a favorite of Hollywood Swag Bag for its give back to the homeless.

We also want to thank for helping Hollywood Swag Bag with all of our PR needs.

Celebrity gifting can range in cost from $1000.00 and up and is considered a tax deduction for advertising purposes.

Hollywood Swag Bag prepares celebrity gift bags for red carpet events.
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