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Text Messaging Dictionary for 2014

Happy New Year people. Welcome to 2014.

Oxford Dictionary has already accepted text messaging abbreviations like LOL and OMG as Official Words.
The SMS shorthand is now common practice for the social media generation, but I don't use it and PLZ - PLease, it will never replace grammar and stupid to use it for formal writing at home, school and work.
WDYMBT - What Do You Mean By That?

So far, text speaking is a controversial form of communication and the main focus is on the impact that it might have on language, as some specialists claim its negative impact on language skills leading to illiteracy on grammar and spelling.

Recently this topic was approached in an interesting infographic (from, where they also used the term ‘techspeak’, as the result of a massive use of social media and text messaging.

A recent study suggests that the frequent use of this hybrid type of communication can be negative for the young generations. According to the results of this study, the more often students use text speaking, the less they learn about grammar. The same study also states that students between 13 and 17 are the most likely to end up using ‘techspeaking’ in their schools tasks, leading to a wrong impression on their communicative skills.

Just keep it to your SMS to save time and MONEY. But majority of those in Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa with the largest population of GSM users don't know the accurate SMS language and are often making inappropriate use of it. So, TALK OF THE TOWN is offering a free New Year gift to them with the complete SMS dictionary and also the link to SMS SYMBOLS.


Smileys and Emoticons for text speaking.

Smiley with tongue hanging out
:D<3 Big smiley with big bust (y):-p Donald Trump =D Happy happy big smiley >.< Pucker face - it's a straight-on smiley :-$ Rich smiley :D Sweet, big smile for you @>--;-- A rose
0*-) Angel wink - female
:-Z Angry face
>:-( Annoyed
~~8-O Bad-Hair Day
:-) Basic
:~-( Bawling
(:-{~ Beard - long
%-| Been up All Night
(:-) Big Face
(((H))) Big Hug
=|:o} Bill Clinton smiley
?-( Black Eye
#-) Blinking
I:( Botox smiley
%-6 Brain Dead
:-E Bucktoothed Vampire
:-#| Bushy Mustache
})i({ Butterfly - an even prettier one
q:-) Catcher
;-( Chin up
:-.) Cindy Crawford
:-8( Condescending Stare
H-) Cross-Eyed
:*( Crying softly
:-@! Cursing
%-} Dizzy
:*) Drinking every night
:#) Drunk
:-6 Eating Something Spicy
5:-) Elvis
0|-) Enjoying the Sun
>-) Evil Grin
l:-O FlatTop Loudmouth
=:-H Football player
:^{= Frank Zappa
/:-) Frenchman with a beret
*:* Fuzzy
~~:-( Getting Rained On
:oÞ Grinning and sticking tongue out (type ALT+0222 on righthand number keypad)
:-}) Handlebar Mustache
:%)% Has Acne
:-`| Have a Cold
l^o Hepcat
(_8^(|) Homer Simpson
*^_^* Huge Dazzling Grin - it's a straight-on smiley
:0 Hungry
%*} Inebriated
(8 { John Lennon
:-* Kiss on the cheek
>* Kitty doesn't like taking its pill
>:-l Klingon
%OD Laughing like crazy
?-: Left Handed Tongue Touching Nose
:-9 Licking Lips
8:-) Little Girl
|-( Lost Contact Lenses
&-l Makes Me Cry
:-S Makes No Sense
@|-) Meditating Smiley
8(:-) Mickey Mouse
:-{ Mustache
{:-{)} Mustache and Beard
(-) Needs Haircut
:/) Not Amused
:=) Orangutan
:^) Personality
:8) Pig
P-( Pirate
}:^#) Pointy Nosed
:-t Pouting
X:-) Propeller Head
=:-) Punk
<(-'.'-)> Puppy dog - it's a straight-on smiley
(((((:-{= Rave Dude
~:-( Really Bummed Out
([( Robocop
@};--- Rose
:-( Sad
:-d Said with a smile
M:-) Saluting
:-> Sarcastic
)8-) Scuba Diver with Hair
:-i Semi-Smile
+-( Shot Between the Eyes
:O Singing
:-/ Skeptical
:-7 Skeptical variation
):-) Smiley with Hair
;^) Smirking
:-? Smoking a pipe
~~~~8} Snake
=%-O Stared at Computer Way Too Long
(8-{)} Sunglasses, Mustache, Beard
:0 Surprised
,:-) Sweating on the Other Side
&-| Tearful
:-)--- Thin as a Pin
:-& Tongue Tied
*!#*!^*&:- Total Head Case
<:>== Turkey
=):-) Uncle Sam
|:-) Unibrow
:-[ Vampire
%') Very Tired
:-< Walrus {(:-) Wearing a Toupee 8-) Wearing Contacts :-{} Wearing Lipstick {:-) Wears a Toupee :-" Whistling '-) Winking ;-) Winking variation :-)8 : Woman ,-} Wry and Winking |^o Yawning or Snoring variation =8-0 Yikes! - See more at:

TTYL - Talk To You Later
XOXOXOX - Kisses

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